How a joke on The Office somehow cost the show $60k

In the eyes and hearts of fans, The Office is forever jam-packed with the kind of laughs that money just can’t buy. But once upon a time, it seems one of those seemingly priceless jokes wound up costing the network a pretty penny, reports LadBible.

Luckily, NBC knows a good laugh when they hear one, especially when it’s coming out of Michael Scott’s mouth. The costly reveal came out during the Office Ladies podcast, hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. The two former cast mates chatted it up Jennifer Celotta, writer of the season 3 episode “A Benihana Christmas.”

Remember that one? During the episode, Michael is trying his hardest to find a date to accompany him to Sandals, Jamaica during the holidays for an all-inclusive vacation for two.

On Office Ladies, Celotta explained how just two lines wound up costing $60,000, recalling, “I wrote a joke where Michael sings, ‘I got two tickets to paradise.’ And he says, ‘Pack your bags we leave day after tomorrow.'”

You can watch the memorable clip below.

Shortly after writing it in, Celotta found out it was actually going to cost them thousands of dollars, considering the lines Michael sings are taken from  Eddie Money’s song “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

Celotta also revealed that no joke of hers had ever been so expensive before, adding, “I mean, I was sitting at the mix and had no idea that because we sang that song the song had to be cleared, and that joke was $60,000.”

Obviously, the network decided that $60k for those two lines was totally worth it.

If we could ask the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin what those “tickets to paradise” were worth, I wonder what he’d say. Personally, I’d like to think Michael Scott would still think they were priceless. I know I do.