Netflix Life shares our 21 most anticipated new & returning Netflix Originals

There are lots of exciting new shows and movies coming to Netflix in 2024 and beyond. Here's what our team is most excited to watch.
Bridgerton. Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in episode 302 of Bridgerton. Cr. Laurence Cendrowicz/Netflix © 2023
Bridgerton. Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in episode 302 of Bridgerton. Cr. Laurence Cendrowicz/Netflix © 2023 /

From 3 Body Problem to the highly-anticipated return of Bridgerton, Netflix has a lot of big titles headed our way this year, movies and television shows included.

Netflix Life's staff got together to write about our 21 most-anticipated Netflix Originals and listed them below! With so many notable projects coming to the streaming service this year, there is a lot to keep tabs on so hopefully this list will help you narrow down your options to keep track of the ones you are most looking forward to watching.

3 Body Problem

I know we're all kind of scared of what Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are going to cook up next, but I'm still tentatively excited for 3 Body Problem, a big-budget adaptation of the iconic science fiction trilogy by Liu Cixin. To be honest, I don't fully know what the show is even about, even after watching the teasers, but I'm intrigued enough by its lofty concepts and overall vibe to be very excited to check it out. - Maddy Lennon

Avatar: The Last Airbender. Daniel Dae Kim as Ozai in season 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Avatar the Last Airbender

First of all, let me admit that I haven't seen the original animated series, I know, shame on me. I did watch and thoroughly enjoy The Legend of Korra and intend to get to Avatar at some point, but for now, I am looking forward to the upcoming adaptation. I know there are mixed feelings from the fandom, but the trailer and photos have piqued my curiousity enough to give it a chance. With several people from the original series involved, I have some hope that the show will be good, or at least surpass the live-action movie we don't speak of. - Maddy Lennon

Bridgerton. (L to R) Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in episode 302 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2023 /

Bridgerton season 3

As mentioned in this post, I think Bridgerton season 3 is the most anticipated new Netflix season to come this year. Even more than Stranger Things season 5! I go into the detailed reasons there, but I’ll keep it short and sweet for you here. I really think the series has done a great job of connecting us to Penelope, and it was fun to have the reveal so early on. Some book readers might not agree, but I’m a show-only fan. This is going to add another layer of intrigue and secrecy that we’re in on with the romance between Colin and Penelope, which makes it so exciting to watch! - Aysha Ashley Househ

Everybody knows that Bridgerton is the best period drama series on Netflix. And if you didn't know, now you know. After an amazing two seasons, I’m ready to see the next Bridgerton sibling take center stage and watch their love story unfold in Bridgerton season 3. Unfortunately, it's been an incredibly long wait for the next installment, but I just know the wait will be worth it in the end. This time around, Netflix decided to split the third season into two parts with part 1 coming out on May 16, and part 2 on June 13. - Crystal George

Cobra Kai. (L to R) Mary Mouser as Samantha LaRusso, Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso in episode 508 of Cobra Kai. Cr. Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix © 2022 /

Cobra Kai season 6

Cobra Kai is the perfect blend of nostalgia and lighthearted comedy, making it a staple on Netflix ever since it was acquired by the streamer after its second season. Taking place decades after the events of the Karate Kid movies, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) lead much different lives than they did in young adulthood. But despite all the years that have gone by, it doesn’t take long for them to pick back up where they left off — as enemies — when they reconnect. 

Throughout the seasons, Daniel and Johnny must learn how to put their differences aside for the sake of their children and to take down common enemies in John Kreese (Martin Kove) and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) who fans will also remember from the movies. 

The show is super fun and endearing, but all good things must come to an end. The sixth and final season of Cobra Kai is currently filming, and we’re hoping that means it’ll be released at some point before the end of the year. We’re not ready to say goodbye, but the show has reached a good place to conclude. - Natalie Zamora

Damsel. Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie in Damsel. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix ©2023
Damsel. Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie in Damsel. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix ©2023 /


While we might not get to see Stranger Things season 5 until 2025, at least the Stranger Things cast has other projects that come out this year. For example, Millie Bobby Brown has the dark fantasy film Damsel coming to Netflix on March 8. She plays a young woman who finds herself facing off with a fire-breathing dragon after being tricked by her new prince husband into being a sacrifice. This role is completely different from Millie’s role as Eleven in Stranger Things, but with as much talent as she has, I just know she’ll give an outstanding performance in Damsel too. I can already see this being one of my top movies of 2024. - Crystal George

Emily in Paris. Lily Collins as Emily in episode 309 of Emily in Paris. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Emily in Paris season 4

Everyone likes to dunk on Emily in Paris, and that’s fine, dunk all you want. But I’ll be over here enjoying one of the most unserious and delightful romantic comedies currently on television. After the shocking twists of the season 3 finale, the series has set itself up for one hell of a fourth season. I’m not-so-secretly hoping Emily and Gabriel finally get together this season. We (and they!) have been waiting long enough! In 2024, we’ll find out what happens next for Emily in her continued misadventures in Paris. - Reed Gaudens


Ginny & Georgia season 3

With filming prep rumored to begin in February 2024, we can only hope that Ginny & Georgia season 3 will be able to make a 2024 release. However, there's a chance Netflix could squeeze it in as an end-of-the-year release. That's what I’m hoping for at the moment. If not, we’ll likely see the new season at the beginning of next year. Either way, I just know the third season will be even better than the last two seasons. Georgia has gotten herself in quite a sticky situation, and it’ll be interesting to see how she gets herself out of it and how it affects her relationships with her kids and everyone else close to her. - Crystal George

GIRLS5EVA. (L to R) Busy Philipps as Summer, Paula Pell as Gloria, Renee Elise Goldsberry as Wickie and Sara Bareilles as Dawn in GIRLS5EVA (Season 3, Episode 02). Cr. Emily V Aragones/Netflix © 2023 /

Girls5eva season 3

One of the best surprises to come out of 2023 was Netflix picking up Girls5eva from Peacock. After two seasons on Peacock, the comedy had been quietly canceled and then quietly rescued by Netflix. The first two seasons and the brand-new, Netflix exclusive third season will all drop on March 14 for a super-sized, super hilarious 22-episode binge-watch. As a pre-Netflix fan of the series, I’m so happy that the show will be getting another chance to, like its titular girl group, hit the big time. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you need to drop everything in March and watch. It’s the most fun you’ll have watching a comedy series since the days of 30 Rock. Everyone say, “Thank you, Tina Fey!” - Reed Gaudens

Heartstopper Season 2
Heartstopper season 2 /

Heartstopper season 3

Netflix’s cutest show will be back for its third season in 2024, and it’s honestly not soon enough. The amount of serotonin Heartstopper provides should make a case for the show to drop seasons more than once a year, but I digress. Heartstopper season 3 will pick up in the midst of Nick and Charlie almost saying “I love you” at the end of season 2, a moment that’s left us all with butterflies ever since. If you’ve read the latest volumes of Alice Oseman’s book series, then you have an inkling of what’s to come in the third season. Now that filming has wrapped, it’s for sure coming later in 2024! - Reed Gaudens

Outlander Season 4 2018
Outlander season 4 /

Outlander season 6

Any Outlander fan on Netflix would tell you they’re excited for the sixth season to arrive on Netflix! It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we’re strongly predicting a May 2024 release. Fingers crossed! The season 5 finale is one of the best episodes to ever be made in television history, in my unbiased opinion. But seriously. The horrible attacks on Claire from her captors, the way Jamie charges in rescuing her, seeing her family supporting her in this intensely emotional time, and that final shot of Jamie holding his wife. I can’t. Get me season 6 right now, please. - Aysha Ashley Househ

Outer Banks. (L to R) Chase Stokes as John B, Charles Halford as Big John in episode 306 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023 /

Outer Banks season 4

Who’s ready for a new adventure? I sure am! The third season of Outer Banks was a doozy, and it finally closed the door on things we’ve been dealing with from day one. From Ward finally dying (sorry not sorry), John B getting closure with his father before he passed, and finding the ultimate treasure. The Pogues did it! But now, there’s a new mystery and adventure for them to go on. And we’re definitely ready to go along for the ride! - Aysha Ashley Househ

I know I’m not the only person going through Outer Banks withdrawals. OBX is arguably one of the best teen shows on Netflix, and it’s been almost a year since the third season came out. I'm ready to head back to the Outer Banks in season 4 to see what all my favorite pogues have been up to. When we last saw John B and Co, they were being presented with a new task of finding Blackbeard’s buried treasure. I can only imagine where this new adventure takes them and who they will encounter along the way. The best release prediction for now for Outer Banks season 4 would be a fall or winter 2024 release. But whenever it comes out, it’ll surely be one of Netflix’s top releases at the time. - Crystal George

Players. (L-R) Liza Koshy as Ashley, Joel Courtney as Little, Gina Rodriguez as Mack and Damon Wayans Jr. as Adam in Players. Cr. K.C. Bailey/Netflix ©2023. /


Gina Rodriguez and Tom Ellis are a pair I never knew I needed! The Jane the Virgin star has proved her talent, and Ellis has become a heartthrob to us Lucifer fans. I think Players is an interesting take on “players,” especially with a woman leading the charge in that. Usually it’s the guys that are depicted being players. It’s not really a good thing to be associated with, but I like that the roles are reversed here. - Aysha Ashley Househ

Irish Wish

I mean honestly. This one should be self explanatory. Anything Lindsay Lohan, you can definitely sign me up! The beloved actress made her return to the industry for the first time in December 2022 with her Netflix movie Falling for Christmas. And now she’s back with another romantic comedy. With this mean girl on board, of course we’re excited about Irish Wish! Plus the plot, and the rest of the star-studded cast like Ayesha Curry and Outlander season 6 actor Alexander Vlahos, is giving us all the reason to want to tune in. Some of you might also recognize Ed Speelers from the fourth seasons of Outlander and You, respectively. - Aysha Ashley Househ

XO, Kitty. Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey in episode 101 of XO, Kitty. Cr. Park Young-Sol/Netflix © 2023 /

XO, Kitty season 2

The last time we saw Kitty, she was on a plane back home to Portland, Oregon very much single. Obviously, she won't be staying in Portland for long, and will eventually make her way back to Seoul, South Korea. But what will await her when she returns? Dae still loves Kitty, Min Ho has confessed his love to her, and Kitty still has feelings for Yuri. Kitty has so much love in her life, but who will she ultimately choose? This is the burning question all fans want to know the answer to. But I guess we’ll have to wait until XO, Kitty season 2 is released to find out. Although not confirmed, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 2024 release. - Crystal George

Sweet Tooth. Christian Convery as Gus in episode 201 of Sweet Tooth. Cr. Kirsty Griffin/Netflix © 2023 /

Sweet Tooth season 3

It's always sad to find out that one of your favorite shows is ending, but it hurts a little less when you know it’s had a great run. That's how I feel about Sweet Tooth. The upcoming third season will be the fantasy drama’s last and it’s confirmed to be coming out sometime in 2024. I think we could possibly see the new season in April 2024, which would make it one full year since the second season came out. But we might even see it earlier than that since it’s already been filmed. I can’t wait to see how Gus, Jepperd, and the others’ stories wrap up. I just know this show will go out with a bang! - Crystal George

TNA_110_UNIT_02357RC (1)
The Night Agent. Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 110 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023 /

The Night Agent season 2

By far one of the new Netflix original series staples, The Night Agent season 2 looks to keep the action-packed newbie at the height of its popularity. Back when the series premiered, it became an overnight sensation and was renewed for a second season a mere five days after its debut. I mean, who’s doing it like Peter Sutherland?! The follow-up season has started filming, and there’s already so much to look forward to, including new cast members, new locations, and a new mission for Peter to embark on as an official Night Agent. Season 2 can’t get here soon enough! - Reed Gaudens

The Umbrella Academy. Justin H. Min as Ben Hargreeves in episode 303 of The Umbrella Academy. Cr. Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix © 2022 /

The Umbrella Academy season 4

The Hargreeves siblings will finally bring their epic time-jumping adventures to an end in the fourth and final season, which is on track to premiere sometime this spring, I'm guessing March or April. When we last left off with the family, they had reset the timeline yet again and this time ended up in one where no one has powers. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the last season and how the show wraps up all of our favorite characters' storylines. Diego x Lila 4ever! - Maddy Lennon

The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep

We won't be getting a new season of The Witcher this year, though filming will resume soon, but we are going to get a new animated movie! The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep is an adaptation of the short story "A Little Sacrifice," which introduces the fan-favorite character Essi Daven. Doug Cockle, who voices Geralt in the video games, will return to voice the character and Joey Batey and Anya Chalotra will also join the voice cast to voice Jaskier and Yennefer. I'm happy we'll be getting at least some new Witcher Netflix content this year and the addition of Yennefer is always a good one in my book as she wasn't really part of the short story. No release date has been set just yet, but it will be released sometime in the second half the year. - Maddy Lennon

Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft

As a huge fan of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series in general, I've been eagerly waiting for Netflix's upcoming animated spinoff series since it was first announced. The reboot trilogy is what got me into the franchise and I cannot wait to see how the show fills in the gaps from the video games while also following up with Lara and seeing what she's up to now. I'm a little bummed Camilla Luddington isn't voicing her this time around, but Hayley Atwell is great and I think she'll add a real gravitas to this character we've come to know and love. - Maddy Lennon

You. (L-R) Charlotte Ritchie as Kate, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 409 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

You season 5

I’m most looking forward to You season 5 because I want to know the conclusion to Joe’s murder sprees. To be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fourth season. But, I am excited for the fifth and final chapter of this story. I’m hoping Joe finally gets caught. After all, how many more times can he get away with it all? I think the team will be able to come up with a good and satisfying ending and final season. Let’s hope that’s the case! - Aysha Ashley Househ

Woman of the Hour

Throughout 2024, there will likely be hundreds of new original movies released on Netflix, some we might not even know about right now. But there’s one that I’m especially excited about because it’s the directorial debut of Academy Award nominee Anna Kendrick. The Up in the Air and Pitch Perfect star directs and headlines the upcoming period crime drama Woman of the Hour, which Netflix nabbed the rights to after its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. As a fan of Kendrick’s acting, writing, and overall personality, I can’t wait to watch her vision as a director for the first time. Woman of the Hour is sure to be a huge hit when it makes its worldwide debut later this year. - Reed Gaudens

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