Lindsay Lohan has a secret in Netflix's Our Little Secret holiday romantic comedy

Plus there's a Mean Girls onscreen reunion with Tim Meadows joining the cast.
"Mean Girls" New York Premiere
"Mean Girls" New York Premiere / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Lindsay Lohan fans, gather 'round! Our favorite mean girl is coming back with another Netflix movie, Our Little Secret. The star made her major comeback to acting in December 2022 with Falling for Christmas on the streaming service, and it's made our hearts so happy ever since.

The great news is that this new holiday romantic comedy isn't the only new Lohan film we have to look forward to! Irish Wish is coming to Netflix on Mach 15, 2024. So what about Our Little Secret? Unfortunately the streamer hasn't shared a release date yet. Though we do know that filming has begun. And since it's a holiday movie, perhaps it will be ready in time for Christmas this year? Fingers crossed! While we wait, at least there's lots of other fun details to get excited about.

The first for me personally is the fact that there's a Mean Girls reunion! Joining Lohan onscreen is actor Tim Meadows aka Principal Duvall from the 2004 production. That is so fetch! And, got a secret. Can you keep it? Pretty Little Liars' Ian Harding will star opposite the actress as well. Rounding out the cast are Emmy Award winner Kristin Chenoweth; Jon Rudnitsky; Chris Parnell; Dan Bucatinsky; Henry Czerny; Katie Baker; Ash Santos; Jake Brennan; and Brian Unger.

Falling for Christmas, Scott Everett White/Netflix © 2022 /

Our Little Secret, directed by Stephen Herek, is part of Lohan's two-movie deal with Netflix which came after Falling for Christmas' success. With Irish Wish being the other, I hope this partnership gets extended because we can't get enough of this star! There aren't many details about the movie just yet, including the trailer, but Netflix has shared the logline:

"Two resentful exes are forced to spend Christmas under the same roof after discovering that their current partners are siblings."

Thanks to Netflix's TUDUM article, one of the "exes" is Lohan. And based on the tweet the streamer put out, which we shared below, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Harding is going to play her onscreen ex-boyfriend. How the rest of the cast fits in remains to be, well, a secret for now! TUDUM also shared that the "bickering duo" will be spending a whole week together during the holidays, which means they'll have to learn to coexist during that time.

I mean, talk about awkward though! I'm sure there's going to be some hilarious shenanigans with everyone under the same roof. And based on the title, the two exes aren't going to share their history with the rest of the class. Will they be able to keep quiet? I loved Falling for Christmas, and Lohan was everything we wanted her to be in a rom-com and more. She definitely owns that genre! So I can't wait to see what she brings to Our Little Secret. What about you?

Stay tuned to Netflix Life as we bring you updates about Our Little Secret on Netflix!

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