6 shows like Outlander to watch while we wait for season 6

The sixth season of the historical drama doesn't have a Netflix release date yet, so be sure to fill the Droughtlander hole in your heart with these six shows.
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Outlander is one of the more popular television shows that Netflix licenses, and as someone who's a fan I definitely understand why! We're hoping our favorite time-travel romance series will be back with season 6 in May 2024, but Netflix has not confirmed a date just yet. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, we're going to have to fill that Droughtlander (what Outlander fans call the wait between seasons) hole in our hearts with something! I know you guys feel it too. Don't worry, I've got your back. While we wait for our favorite show's arrival back on Netflix, there's six other ones on the streamer that we recommend you watch to fill the time. We shared them below, and be sure to keep scrolling for the details!

  • Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
  • This Is Us
  • The Empress
  • Versailles
  • The Witcher
  • The Last Kingdom
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Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story


The romantic aspect of Outlander is definitely one of the biggest draws of the series. I mean that onscreen chemistry between Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan. Wow. If you're looking for another electrifying and intense romance to fall in love with, you'll definitely want to check out Bridgerton! The love stories are like no other, and will make you swoon. The first two seasons are now streaming on Netflix, and Bridgerton season 3, which we're super excited for, is coming in May 2024. You've got plenty of time to catch up!

Queen Charlotte

Bridgerton's prequel series, Queen Charlotte, has a beautiful love story at the center of it as well that will take your breath away. But, the main couple faces challenges of mental health. Through it all though, it's about a queen who chooses to be with her husband no matter what. Jamie and Claire have been through their own hardships - both of them being assaulted only one example. But they stick together and that's what makes them strong. If you want a story like that, be sure to check out Queen Charlotte! The period drama is a limited series and only has one season, currently streaming on Netflix.

This Is Us - Season 4
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This Is Us

This one might have you scratching your heads, but hear me out. Rebecca tragically loses her beloved husband Jack, and is left with their three kids. Eventually, she gets remarried to his best friend Miguel, and the family figures out how to continue living life. But she, nor the family, ever forget Jack. There's moments of pain and moments of joy without him. That's what happens with Jamie and Claire by the end of season 2, and the first half of season 3.

Claire goes back to her time, thinking Jamie is dead for 20 years. During those years, she raises their daughter Brianna with her first husband, Frank. And though Rebecca did love Miguel, we all know that her true love was Jack. In Outlander, we saw how Claire tried hard to move on and forget Jamie. In some ways she did move on, but she could never forget him. The two shows have similarities there. All six seasons of This Is Us were added to Netflix earlier this month.

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The Empress

It's hard to not recommend a royal period drama when thinking of Outlander, even though we really only deal with it in season 2 when our favorite couple is in France. But still, they have to navigate politics throughout the years at Castle Leoch, at the Ridge, and more. And that's what The Empress is all about! The German historical drama is centered around Bavarian Duchess Elisabeth "Sisi" von Wittelsbach who falls in love with her sister's fiancé, Emperor Franz Joseph. Talk about drama!

The two get married, and Sisi has to learn how to make her way through court politics and the emperor's not so nice family. We see similarities in that Jamie is a resourceful guy who thinks smartly when it comes to solving complex issues. Plus, there's similarities between the strong-willed Sisi in The Empress and Claire. The first season is now streaming on Netflix, and the show has been renewed for season 2.

Evan Williams, Alexander Vlahos
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Speaking of royalty, I recommend watching Versailles on Netflix. The series is about Louis XIV. Though Jamie and Claire have to deal with Louis XV in season 2 and not the one in Versailles, it's still connected in a way. Louis XV took the throne right after, being Louis XIV's great-grandson. We were swept away in the colors and drama of the French court in Outlander season 2, as well as the various political scheming Jamie and Claire had to do.

So if that piqued your interest, then Versailles is going to give you a taste of that and even more! Plus in Outlander season 6 we're introduced to a new character, Allan Christie, played by Alexander Vlahos. And the actor is one of the main cast members in Versailles. The bad news though is that the first two seasons have been removed from Netflix at the moment, and are only available to buy or rent. The third and final season is streaming on the platform until Feb. 16.

The Witcher season 3 Ciri Yennefer Geralt
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The Witcher

Outlander has a fantasy element to it, mostly in a subtle way. The Witcher features much more supernatural elements. But, I do think it would still be an enjoyable watch. Outlander is a complex story not just overall, but each season. There's a lot to keep track of! It's one of the things that makes it so unique, and The Witcher has that element to it as well. Two main characters also come together due to protection.

Geralt becomes the protector of princess Ciri to shield her from her magic being exploited by dark forces. And while these two characters grow a father-daughter relationship instead of a romantic one, their beginnings are like Jamie and Claire. The Outlander couple ends up getting married to protect Claire from beign questioned by Black Jack Randall. Geralt and Ciri go on many an adventure together, just like Jamie and Claire! The first three seasons are streaming on Netflix, and season 4 is in the works.

TLK S 21-02 STILLS MP (109)
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The Last Kingdom

When it comes to adapting a story from page to screen, Outlander has done it very well overall. And The Last Kingdom is also a great show that's based on some amazing books! The Saxon Stories novels are written by Bernard Cornwell. There's so many battles, something we're more than familiar with on the historical drama.

The story might be a little different than our favorite show, but The Last Kingdom falls under the historical fiction genre and will feature romance and relationships in between all the action as well. All five seasons are available to watch on Netflix, as well as a movie that wrapped up the story - Seven Kings Must Die.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life as we bring you updates about when Outlander season 6 drops on Netflix!

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