Parasyte: The Grey season 2 renewal status: Everything we know

Parasyte: The Grey
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Parasyte: The Grey Image Courtesy Netflix /

Today is the big day. All six episodes of Parasyte: The Grey season 1 are streaming on Netflix, and of course, everyone's watching and talking about them. Sci-fi and horror put together? It makes sense why this show would grab many people's attention. It surely captured our interest right away!

We couldn't wait for the new Korean series to come to Netflix. As soon as the episodes were released on the streaming platform, we immediately dropped everything we were doing and started our binge session. Since the first season only consists of six episodes, it doesn’t take long to finish it. For the people who have already watched the entire first season, you might be wondering if there will be a second installment. As always, we’ve got you covered. We shared everything we know about a potential Parasyte: The Grey season 2 down below.

Parasyte: The Grey Image Courtesy Netflix /

Parasyte: The Grey is a sci-fi horror series from Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho and based on the popular Parasyte manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki. It's set in a fictional South Korean city called Namil. As people continue to live their everyday lives, mysterious parasitic creatures begin falling from the sky and start hosting humans in an attempt to take over human society. One young woman becomes infected by a parasite, but it isn't able to completely take over her brain. This causes her to enter into a strange coexistence with it. Meanwhile, an anti-parasite task force is created to battle the parasites and completely eradicate every last one.

There's so much that happens over the six episodes, but the season 1 finale, especially the last couple of minutes, left us with our jaws dropped. The season 1 finale definitely sets up a Parasyte: The Grey season 2. We just need that official season 2 renewal from Netflix.

Unfortunately, as of April 8, the streaming giant has not renewed the Korean series for a second season. However, this isn't surprising at all, seeing as though the first season just came out. Netflix doesn't usually renew its new series right after they come out. Instead, the streamer usually waits to see how many people watch it over a certain time frame to help come to a decision on whether to renew or cancel. Typically, it takes a month or so before Netflix announces its decision.

There are many factors that play into the renewal process, but viewing hours and completion rate are the most important. If the total viewing hours for the first season ends up being high enough to Netflix’s standards, the streamer might just give the go-ahead for a Parasyte: The Grey season 2. But keep in mind that people must watch the first season from beginning to end for it to count. In other words, every single episode from start to finish. A high completion rate will better the chances of the show being renewed.

However, there's also a strong possibility that the show might not be returning with a second season. Why? Well, Netflix just recently put up a "limited series" label on the show's title page on the platform. Limited series are typically one-and-done types of shows. This means one season, and that's all.

The first season does tell a complete story, so a second season wouldn't really be necessary. However, what's confusing is that the first season does end in a way where the story could continue in a potential second season. Why would the writers choose to end the first season this way if they knew the show would only consist of one season? It just doesn't make sense. But as of right now, Parasyte: The Grey has not been renewed for a second season.

We'll constantly keep you updated on the show's renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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