Parasyte: The Grey season 1 episode 6 recap (and grade)

Parasyte: The Grey Jeon So-nee as Jeong Su-in in Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024
Parasyte: The Grey Jeon So-nee as Jeong Su-in in Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024 /

So much has happened over the course of the first season of Parasyte: The Grey, but none of the episodes are as action-packed as the season 1 finale. Here's what goes down in the sixth episode of Parasyte: The Grey on Netflix.

Spoilers ahead from the Parasyte: The Grey season 1 finale!

The sixth episode opens with a flashback to the day Hyuk-ju's body (the pastor) was taken over by a parasite. Through this flashback, we also learn how Won-seok and Hyuk-ju's alliance began. After a day spent at the golf course with his wife and friends, Won-seok heads to Hyuk-ju's house to check up on him and his wife. They hadn't shown up to church in about a week, which was strange. Once Won-seok arrives at Hyuk-ju's house, he immediately notices that something isn't quite right. Hyuk-ju mumbles while staring at the TV. Won-seok then looks over to the bedroom and sees blood on the floor. He walks over to the bedroom and sees Hyuk-ju's wife's dead body.

As he draws his gun and turns around, a fully transformed parasitic Hyuk-ju swings one of his tentacles at him and knocks him out. Then, Hyuk-ju proceeds to tell Won-seok his plan on taking over humanity. He tells him that he'll kill him if he doesn't join him. The flashback ends and then we cut to Namil police station, where parasitic Chul-min and Won-seok get ready to lead a special conference on the parasites in Namil.

During the live conference, Chul-min shares with the public that most of the parasites have been eradicated except for two. Those two being Su-in and Kyung-hee. He asks the public to report them to the police or Team Grey if they see them. He also mentions that the music festival and memorial will still be happening later that night.

Elsewhere, Su-in and Kang-woo sit in a car listening to the conference on a phone. Remember, Chul-min and Won-seok's plan is to go to the festival and kill the mayor. That way, Chul-min can take over his body. This will give him more power and control over humans since he will be in a leader position. As they continue to watch the conference, an incoming phone call comes through. It's Kyung-hee. She wants to join forces to take down Chul-min. Kang-woo and Su-in decide to meet with Kyung-hee at a garden to discuss an alliance. The episode then cuts to the title card.

After the opening ends, we're back at Namil police station. The conference has ended, and Jun-kyung questions Chul-min about how he has turned his back on Su-in even though he was her main supporter at first. Jun-kyung didn't initially believe Su-in when she said that Chul-min was a parasite, but she started to become suspicious of him after the conference. It didn't make sense to her that he changed his perspective of Su-in so quickly when he was like a father figure to her. This leads Jun-kyung to believe that he might not be human anymore and that Su-in wasn't lying about his body being taken over by a parasite. After this intense grilling, Chul-min and Won-seok realize that Jun-kyung is on to them. So, they come up with a plan to send her way while they set out to kill the mayor.

At Cheongil Garden, Su-in and Kang-woo meet with Kyung-hee. Kyung-hee explains to them her reasoning for wanting to take down Chul-min. Then, Kang-woo explains to her what Chul-min and Won-seok plan to do at the music festival, which is to kill the mayor. He tells her that they must capture and kill Chul-min before he gets the chance to take over the mayor's body.

Later, the government assigns Jun-kyung the task of investigating a church in Gangwon-do marked with the same symbol as that found at Saejin Church. They believe parasites are hiding out there. They received this tip from Chul-min. But this is a fake mission that Chul-min and Won-seok set up so that Jun-kyung can't ruin their plans to kill the mayor. She doesn't find this out until later, though.

As she and a group of Team Grey troops head to Gangwon-do, she receives a phone call from Heidi (Su-in's parasitic form), who informs her of Chul-min and Won-seok's plans. After the phone call ends, she decides to abandon the mission and head to the music festival and memorial to stop Chul-min and Won-seok.

The music festival is in full effect now with tons of people in attendance, including the mayor. Chul-min waits until the opportune moment to hunt down the mayor. Once the time comes, he fully transforms into a tentacled creature and begins attacking anyone in his way. Team Grey troops and police officers immediately start to swarm the festival in search of him. As Su-in and Kyung-hee walk towards the festival, they notice Team Grey troops nearby, so they go into hiding. But Jun-kyung notices them and chases after them. Su-in then transforms into Heidi and tells Kyung-hee to go ahead without her. She manages to slow Jun-kyung down a bit before she runs away.

Meanwhile, Team Grey troops stumble upon Chul-min's body and find him headless. In the next scene, we find out that Hyuk-ju had separated himself from Chul-min's body and that Won-seok hid him in his jacket. Hyuk-ju is now back in his worm-like form. As Won-seok opens his jacket, Hyuk-ju shoots out and tries to take over the mayor's body but is stopped by Kyung-hee. Kang-woo runs into the room to help, but Kyung-hee pushes him and the mayor away. She and Hyuk-ju start fighting while Kang-woo and the mayor watch from afar.

The fight ends with Kyung-hee dying from being sliced in the heart. Kang-woo and the mayor then run away. Hyuk-ju needs a new host body as soon as possible or he'll die. Won-seok is the only person around, so he kills him and takes over his body. He then catches up to Kang-woo and the mayor and starts attacking them. Luckily, Heidi shows up and comes to their rescue. While they fight, Kang-woo is able to bring the mayor to safety.

Heidi and Hyuk-ju eventually stop fighting, and Hyuk-ju tries to convince Heidi to join him in taking over the human race. Heidi doesn't get a chance to reply back to him since Jun-kyung runs into the room aiming her gun at her. Jun-kyung doesn't know that Hyuk-ju has taken over Won-seok's body. Hyuk-ju yells at Jun-kyung to shoot Heidi, but once Jun-kyung looks at his reflection in a glass case nearby and sees the back of his head missing, she quickly switches her aim to him and starts shooting. This is when she realizes he's a parasite. Heidi saves her life at the same time. Hyuk-ju smiles creepily at Jun-kyung before he takes his last breath and dies.

Heidi and Jun-kyung come to an understanding about co-existing with each other before Heidi passes out. Kang-woo runs into the room and holds her in his arms. Team Grey troops then run into the room and Jun-kyung orders them to bring Su-in and Kang-woo to the hospital.

The episode cuts to sometime in the future. Su-in now works at a convenience store, and Kang-woo comes to visit her. They decide to meet up after her shift is over. As they take a walk, Kang-woo tells Su-in about his new job working as a member of Team Grey. He also gives her a letter that Heidi had sent to him. Before he leaves, he tells her that Team Grey has a spot for her and that all she needs to do is contact him if she's ever interested.

The last scene of the season 1 finale shows Jun-kyung meeting with a mysterious man who claims to be a journalist and expert on parasites. He introduces himself in Japanese and tells her that his name is Shinichi. He reaches out his right hand for a handshake, but Jun-kyung doesn't shake it. The camera then zooms in on his hand before the episode cuts to the credits. Who could this man be and what are his intentions?

Well, if you read the Parasyte manga that the show is based on, you'd know that this mysterious character is the protagonist from the manga, Shinichi Izumi. But the question is, why is he in South Korea when he lives in Japan? This is a question that would most likely be answered in a potential Parasyte: The Grey season 2. Fingers crossed, we get to see a second season! We'll keep you posted on the show's renewal status, so make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life.

Grade: A-

There you have it, folks! This is how Parasyte: The Grey season 1 ends. What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy the first season? What were your favorite moments? We want to know!

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