Parasyte: The Grey season 1 episode 4 recap (and grade)

Parasyte: The Grey (L to R) Koo Kyo-hwan as Seol Kang-woo, Kwon Hae-hyo as Kim Chul-min in Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024
Parasyte: The Grey (L to R) Koo Kyo-hwan as Seol Kang-woo, Kwon Hae-hyo as Kim Chul-min in Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024 /

Su-in has been taken by Team Grey, so now she must be saved. But who will do the saving and will it be a successful mission? Here's what happens in Parasyte: The Grey episode 4 on Netflix.

Spoilers ahead from Parasyte: The Grey episode 4!

The fourth episode opens with Team Grey and the Namil police force gathered together for a meeting. The higher-ups of Team Grey join the meeting via video call. They discuss what their next plan of action will be after capturing Su-in. What they decide to do is bring Su-in to the Team Grey HQ, where they will run tests on her to determine her condition. The higher-ups put Jun-kyung in charge of the transfer operation and tell her to begin the transfer as soon as possible. The meeting then ends. Before leaving the room, Won-seok makes a comment to Chul-min about Su-in. He tells him that he wonders what type of tests will be done on Su-in at Team Grey HQ. He also tells him that the tests could possibly kill her. This puts fear in Chul-min about Su-in's safety.

Elsewhere on Team Grey grounds, two Team Grey members guard Su-in, who is strapped to a chair in a room with a helmet on. We find out that Su-in's brain waves and pulse are normal, but she's stuck in a comatose state. The episode then cuts to the title card. After the opening ends, we cut to Su-in stuck in limbo between life and death. She looks around and sees her parasitic self who has been named Heidi. Heidi has separated herself from Su-in's body and explains everything that's been going on to her.

Since Su-in is on the verge of dying, Heidi split her consciousness from the outside world, which ultimately puts her in the place where her spirit dwells. In this spirit world, Heidi shows Su-in two past memories from her childhood: the memory of when she reported her abusive father to the police and the memory of when she went to find her mother.

Back in the real world, two police officers share Kang-woo's criminal record with Chul-min. After reading everything over, Chul-min goes to find Kang-woo. He ends up finding him on a bus headed to another city. He handcuffs Kang-woo and then drags him off the bus to his car. Kang-woo begs Chul-min to take him to another police station instead of the one in Namil. Chul-min asks him why and Kang-woo explains that there's a monster disguising himself as a cop at Namil police station. He tells him that this person killed the Hunting Dog. Chul-min then shows Kang-woo a picture of the police force and asks him to point out the monster. Kang-woo points at Won-seok, and Chul-min is instantly shocked.

At Team Grey's worksite, Won-seok makes a secret phone call to Hyuk-ju (the pastor). He tells him about the transfer of Su-in to Team Grey HQ. Then, he asks Hyuk-ju if they're still moving forward with their plan. What plan? We don't know yet, but it can't be good. Hyuk-ju replies by saying that the plan is still a go and that it begins today. After Hyuk-ju hangs up the phone, he heads outside with a spray paint can and spray paints the building with the parasite organization symbol. The same symbol that was on the pamphlet from the first episode.

Elsewhere, Chul-min and Kang-woo are headed to a police station when Chul-min suddenly stops the car. He asks Kang-woo about Su-in's condition, and Kang-woo explains to him how Su-in is a half-mutant. Chul-min then gets out of the car and walks over to Kang-woo's side. He opens the door and unlocks the handcuffs. As Kang-woo stares in shock, Chul-min tries to convince him to team up with him to save Su-in before she's taken to Team Grey HQ. Kang-woo refuses to help at first, but Chul-min is able to persuade him. They then set their plan into motion later that night.

Kang-woo disguises himself so that he can enter Namil police station undetected. He then finds a guard and takes him down before taking his clothes. Now fully disguised as a Team Grey guard, he can walk around the police station freely. He eventually finds the container where Su-in is being held. His mission is to take the remote that controls the helmet that Su-in is wearing. But just as he reaches to grab it, Jun-kyung enters the room with guards. She informs everyone that they're about to take Su-in to Team Grey HQ earlier than initially planned. Then, she takes the remote control and is about to head out until she notices a disguised Kang-woo standing nearby. She orders him to ride in the back of the container with Su-in while she's being transported. Kang-woo nods yes to her orders before hopping in the container.

Chul-min notices everyone getting ready to leave to take Su-in to Team Grey headquarters, so he gets in his car to follow along. But before he can pull off, Won-seok hops in the car. On the way to the HQ, Chul-min questions Won-seok about what church he goes to. Won-seok doesn't tell him, though. Now that he knows that Won-seok is working for the parasite organization, he's trying to get information from him. Suddenly, they come to a stop as well as the other Team Grey units. Some of the Team Grey members get out of their vehicles to see what's going on. It looks to be a car accident, but it turns out to be a parasite organism holding up traffic.

The tentacled creature begins attacking the Team Grey members and innocent civilians nearby. More Team Grey troops exit their vehicles to stop the attack, but more tentacled creatures begin showing up. Jun-kyung exits the vehicle transporting Su-in and tells the driver to evacuate quickly. She realizes that the parasites are after Su-in. This was Hyuk-ju's plan. But a tentacled creature ends up killing the driver, and Jun-kyung gets injured. Kang-woo exits the vehicle transporting Su-in and looks through Jun-kyung's pockets for the remote control. He finds it and quickly runs to the container, but he's stopped by Jun-kyung. After an intense fight with Jun-kyung, he manages to get ahold of the remote again and is able to take the helmet off Su-in's head.

He then wakes Su-in up and they run to a car so that they can escape. Jun-kyung and Won-seok try to stop them, but they still manage to escape. Won-seok quickly hops in a car and yells for Chul-min to join him. They follow Kang-woo and Su-in for a while until Won-seok suddenly takes a different turn. As Su-in notices they're not trailing them anymore, she begins to hear a high-pitched noise indicating that a parasite is nearby. She realizes that a parasite is near Chul-min. So, she hops out of the car and goes to save him.

Won-seok takes Chul-min to a deserted area where he comes clean about his involvement with the parasite organization. Then, Hyuk-ju comes from out of a tent and Chul-min immediately starts shooting at him. But as Hyuk-ju falls to the ground, the parasite inside him shoots out and slices Chul-min's head clean off his body. The parasite then takes over Chul-min's body. Su-in watches everything play out before turning into Heidi and engaging in a fight with a now-possessed Chul-min. The fight ends after Kang-woo rams his car into the tent where they're fighting. He yells for Heidi to get into the car. She quickly hops in the car and they drive away.

As Won-seok and parasite Chul-min watch as Kang-woo and Su-in drive away, Won-seok asks parasite Chul-min if he wants them caught. Parasite Chul-min replies by saying no. He tells him that he doesn't believe they're a threat anymore. The fourth episode ends with parasite Chul-min and Won-seok leaving the deserted area.

Grade: A

How will Su-in cope now that a parasite has completely taken over Chul-min's body? Also, what's next for the parasite organization and Team Grey? I guess we'll find out in episode 5. Let's move on!

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