Parasyte: The Grey season 1 episode 3 recap (and grade)

Parasyte: The Grey Lee Jung-hyun as Choi Jun-kyung in Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024
Parasyte: The Grey Lee Jung-hyun as Choi Jun-kyung in Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024 /

Now that Jun-kyung has an inkling that Su-in could be a parasite, she's determined to find out the truth. That means questioning Chul-min about his close relationship with her. Meanwhile, Su-in and Kang-woo must figure out their next plan of action. Here's what happens in Parasyte: The Grey episode 3 on Netflix.

Spoilers from Parasyte: The Grey episode 3 ahead!

The third episode opens with a flashback to the night Jun-kyung's husband was turned into a tentacled creature. They were loading their car with groceries when Jun-kyung noticed she didn't have her receipt. While she runs back into the store, her husband notices a weird-looking spore land on their car. A larvae shoots out of the spore into his ear, and he instantly transforms into a parasite. As Jun-kyung gets ready to leave the store, she sees people screaming and running. Her now-parasitic husband walks into the store and begins attacking people. Jun-kyung runs after him but is attacked. He cuts off her ear with one of his tentacles.

As he chases after her, Jun-kyung finds a way to lock him inside a room. She stares at him through the window as he bangs his head up against it. She then slides down the door and cries. The episode cuts back to the present time where we see Jun-kyung wake up from this nightmare. She sits up from a bed and stares at nothing particular while a tear falls down one of her eyes. Then, we cut to the title card.

After the opening ends, we're taken to Kang-woo and Su-in who are now staying at a motel. They discuss their next plan which is to tell the authorities about the parasites and dead bodies at Saejin Church. During this conversation, we learn that Kang-woo's older sister's name is Kyung-hee. Since Su-in has a close relationship with Detective Chul-min, they decide to call him and share what they found at the church. They don't share their names, though. After learning new information from Su-in and Kang-woo, Chul-min shares it with Won-seok. He then goes to share it with Jun-kyung.

Team Grey and the police force all head to Saejin Church, but they find it deserted when they get there. However, they do find the dead bodies in the warehouse. While investigating, Chul-min finds Su-in's keychain that he gave her on the floor. Now he knows that she's been there. He quickly puts it in his pocket, but Jun-kyung notices him. Although she doesn't question him, she now becomes suspicious of him. After finding Saejin Church empty, Team Grey's next plan of action is to find the pastor who we now know as Kwon Hyuk-ju. Won-seok offers to go look for him, and Jun-kyung accepts his request.

Won-seok arrives at a mysterious building where Hyuk-ju and more parasites are hiding. During this scene, we learn that Won-seok is actually secretly teamed up with the parasites. He helped them escape Saejin Church before Team Grey could get to them. The meeting ends with Hyuk-ju giving Won-seok a new task, which is to kill the Hunting Dog.

Back at the motel, Su-in receives a phone call from Chul-min asking to meet up. They decide to meet up at an amusement park. Kang-woo tags along. Unknowingly to Chul-min, Jun-kyung also secretly follows him and orders a team to follow as well. As Su-in and Chul-min talk at the amusement park, Chul-min gives Su-in her keychain that she dropped at Saejin Church. Then, he questions her about why she was there. Suddenly, Su-in hears a high-pitched noise, which means another parasite is near. That parasite is the Hunting Dog. Jun-kyung has arrived and is approaching them.

Just as Jun-kyung is about to shoot Su-in, Kang-woo rams into Chul-min who slams into Jun-kyung. This gives Su-in and Kang-woo time to run away. They run into one of the shut-down rides to hide while Jun-kyung chases after them. Meanwhile, Team Grey and the police force arrive at the amusement park. Won-seok arrives at the park as well and sets out on completing his task of killing the Hunting Dog.

Back at one of the shut-down rides, parasitic Su-in takes over Su-in's body and tells Kang-woo that she'll handle Jun-kyung while he escapes. Kang-woo then tells her that he'll find a car to escape in and honk the horn for her as a signal for her to come. Su-in agrees to the plan, and Kang-woo leaves. Although Su-in manages to run away from Jun-kyung, she runs into other Team Grey members. Since she's surrounded with no way to escape, she transforms back into normal Su-in. Chul-min runs to her and tries to protect her.

Meanwhile, Kang-woo witnesses a man in a black jacket kill the Hunting Dog, that man being Won-seok. While gravely injured, the Hunting Dog hits a button on a remote to signal that a parasite is near. He does this so that Jun-kyung and the rest of Team Grey can come to his rescue. But by the time they get there, the Hunting Dog is dead and Won-seok is nowhere to be found.

Filled with rage, Jun-kyung grabs the helmet that was on the Hunting Dog's head and takes it with her back inside the amusement park. After witnessing everything go down, Kang-woo decides to leave Su-in behind and escape by himself.

Back in the amusement park, Won-seok walks into the room where Team Grey is surrounding Su-in and smoothly stands next to a member. Meanwhile, Chul-min pleads with Team Grey not to shoot Su-in, but they take him away. Jun-kyung then walks up to Su-in and places the helmet on her head as everyone looks in shock. The third episode ends with Su-in being taken away by Team Grey members.

Grade: B+

This sci-fi horror show is getting more intense. What's going to happen to Su-in? Is she the new Hunting Dog? Let's continue to the fourth episode to find out!

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