How Parasyte: The Grey season 1 sets up a season 2 with an introduction of an important character from the manga

Parasyte: The Grey 
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The wait is finally over. Parasyte: The Grey is now streaming on Netflix, so everyone should be watching it. Honestly, it's one of the best Netflix shows of 2024 so far!

Based on the best-selling Japanese manga Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki, the Korean series takes place after one too many mysterious parasites begin falling from the sky onto Earth. They begin violently taking over humans' bodies and gaining power, intending to take over human society. This is when an anti-parasite task force is formed to eradicate all parasites from the planet. Meanwhile, a young woman who is half-human and half-parasite must learn to coexist with the parasite that lives inside her while also trying her best to survive a waging war between humans and parasites. Then, we have a troubled gang member who must deal with the loss of a sister and betrayal.

So much happened throughout the first season, but nothing topped the season 1 finale, which showed an epic battle between Su-in and Hyuk-ju. And we can't forget that shocking cliffhanger ending, in which we're introduced to a main character from the manga series. Maybe you didn’t quite catch everything while watching the season 1 finale. No worries! We gave a rundown of what all happened at the end of Parasyte: The Grey season 1 right below.

MAJOR spoilers ahead from Parasyte: The Grey season 1!

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Su-in, Kang-woo, and Kyung-hee join forces to take Hyuk-ju down

After watching Hyuk-ju murder their kind during the parasite hideout raid in episode 5, Kyung-hee realizes she's been betrayed and no longer wants to work with him. Instead, she wants to kill him, and the only way she can successfully do so is if she teams up with Su-in. She meets up with Su-in and Kang-woo in a garden to discuss an alliance, and to talk about a plan. Remember, Hyuk-ju killed Chul-min and took over his body. He and Won-seok plan on killing the mayor at the Folk Music Festival and memorial later that night. Once the mayor is killed, Hyuk-ju will take over his body. This will make him more powerful and in control of humans since he's in a high position. Su-in, Kang-woo, and Kyung-hee's plan is to capture and kill him before he gets the chance to take over the mayor's body.

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Jun-kyung becomes suspicious of Hyuk-ju

After Su-in told Jun-kyung that Hyuk-ju (disguised as Chul-min) and Won-seok were parasites, Jun-kyung secretly plucked a strand of hair from Won-seok's head to see if what she said was true. The strand of hair didn't vanish, so it meant Won-seok was still a human. This made Jun-kyung think that Su-in was lying to her. But when she notices how fast Hyuk-ju (disguised as Chul-min) turns on Su-in, she starts to become suspicious of him. Chul-min had been supporting Su-in since the very beginning, so to see him now want to hunt her down, Jun-kyung finds this suspicious. Although Su-in had told her that Hyuk-ju took over Chul-min's body, she didn't believe her. But now with him acting strange, she starts to think that Su-in wasn't lying.

This leads her to look into the Hunting Dog killing, believing that Hyuk-ju and Won-seok had something to do with it. But she still doesn't have concrete evidence. Hyuk-ju and Won-seok realizes that Jun-kyung is on to them, so they come up with a plan to send her way while they set out to kill the mayor. Luckily, Su-in is able to call her in time and warn her about Hyuk-ju and Won-seok's plan. After some intense contemplating, Jun-kyung makes the decision to abandon her fake mission of investigating a parasite hideout in another city to go to the music festival and memorial to stop Hyuk-ju and Won-seok.

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Hyuk-ju and Won-seok finally initiate their plan at the music festival

The time has come, and Hyuk-ju heads towards the mayor at the festival. He transforms into a tentacled creature and begins attacking anyone in his way. Team Grey troops and the Namil police force immediately swarm the festival in search of him. Su-in and Kyung-hee notice the armed men as they look for Hyuk-ju. They try to hide from them, but Jun-kyung notices them running away and follows. Su-in transforms into Heidi (her parasite self) and tells Kyung-hee that she'll handle Jun-kyung while she goes to find Hyuk-ju. Heidi manages to slow Jun-kyung down and then run away.

Meanwhile, Won-seok pretends to be on the police side and acts like he's trying to stop Hyuk-ju when really it's all a ploy. He runs to the mayor and helps him escape. Then, Team Grey members approach Hyuk-ju's body (disguised as Chul-min) and notices it's headless. We find out in the next scene that Hyuk-ju seperated himself from Chul-min's body and Won-seok hid him in his jacket. After Won-seok takes the mayor to a more secluded place, he opens his jacket and Hyuk-ju in his parasite form shoots out onto the ground. He tries to take over the mayor's body but is stopped by Kyung-hee. Kang-woo also appears and tries to help, but Kyung-hee pushes him and the mayor away. She and Hyuk-ju begin fighting while Kang-woo and the mayor watch.

The fight ends with Kyung-hee's death. Kang-woo and the mayor then run away. Hyuk-ju needs a new host body as soon as possible or he'll die. Since Won-seok is the only person around, he kills him and takes over his body. Hyuk-ju manages to catch up with Kang-woo and the mayor and begins attacking. Fortunately, Heidi comes to their rescue and starts fighting Hyuk-ju. Kang-woo is able to take the mayor to safety while Heidi and Hyuk-ju are in an intense battle. They eventually stop fighting and Hyuk-ju tries to convince Heidi to join him in taking over humankind.

Suddenly, Jun-kyung appears in the room and points her gun at Heidi. She doesn't know that Hyuk-ju has taken over Won-seok's body. Hyuk-ju repeatedly yells at Jun-kyung to shoot Heidi, but once Jun-kyung looks at his reflection in a glass case nearby and sees the back of his head missing, she quickly switches her aim to him and begins shooting. Heidi saves Jun-kyung's life at the same time. Hyuk-ju takes his last breath and passes away. Jun-kyung and Heidi discuss what just happened before Heidi passes out. Kang-woo runs into the room and holds an unconscious Su-in his arms. Then, Team Grey members rush into the room. Jun-kyung orders that they take Kang-woo and Su-in to the hospital. She no longer sees Su-in as a parasite, but a normal young woman.

The episode flash forwards and Su-in now works at a convenience store. Kang-woo comes to visit her after work and they take a walk through a boat dock. He tells her about his new job as member of Team Grey, and gives her a letter that Heidi sent to him. Then, before he leaves, he tells her that Jun-kyung said she has a spot for her on Team Grey.

Who's the mysterious guy at the end of the Parasyte: The Grey season 1 finale?

At the very end of the season 1 finale, we're taken to Team Grey headquarters. A member tells Jun-kyung that a journalist who is an expert in parasites is waiting to talk to her in a meeting room. That he has important intelligence to share. Once they enter the meeting room, the journalist turns around from looking out the window. He introduces himself in Japanese and puts his right hand out for a handshake. Jun-kyung just stares at his hand, but doesn't shake it. He tells her his name is Shinichi. The camera then zooms in on his hand before the episode cuts to the credits.

If you read the Parasyte manga, you'd already know who this character is. It's the manga's protagonist, Shinichi Izumi! In the manga, Shinichi starts off as a high school senior who becomes infected by a parasite that was trying to take over his brain but failed. The parasite ends up taking over his right hand instead, and they learn to work together to survive.

Now, we are curious to know why Shinichi left Japan to come to South Korea in Parasyte: The Grey. But he definitely has more insight on parasites, so maybe we could see him teaming up with Team Grey in a potential Parasyte: The Grey season 2. The writers obviously set the season 1 finale up to end this way in hopes that the show could return for a second season. If there is to be a season 2, I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Shinichi. I personally would love to see him and Su-in join forces. He could probably teach her a few things. I'd also like to see the dynamic between him and Kang-woo. I'm not sure how they'd get on, but I think it would be entertaining to watch.

Be sure to tell everyone you know about Parasyte: The Grey to better the chances of the show's renewal. We'll also keep you updated on the show's renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life.

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