Lucifer is still the most binge-watched show on Netflix right now

Lucifer on Netflix via Media Center
Lucifer on Netflix via Media Center /

The King has done it again, Lucifans! For the fourth week in a row, Lucifer is the most binged-watched series on Netflix, according to TV Time.

Well, this is quite the feat! If I remember correctly, I don’t believe there’s ever been a Netflix series to comfortably sit at No. 1 on TV Time’s Binge Report for three weeks straight, much less four weeks! But Lucifer on Netflix has done just that! Never underestimate the power of Lucifans.

HBO’s Game of Thrones did, however, enjoy the top spot for seven consecutive weeks during season 7, its penultimate season. The latest and final season, though, has not been nearly as popular with fans.

TV Time has updated their Binge Report, where they tally up what their subscribers are watching and voting for to put together the top 10 most binged-watched shows of the week. At the top once more is Lucifer, beating Game of Thrones and all new shows that have premiered since Lucifer‘s fourth season.

With so many wins for Lucifer, it’s only a matter of time Netflix announces a renewal. Based on renewals for past shows, an announcement could be here as early as this coming week!

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What have you been watching? Other Netflix shows trending and found on the Binge Report are The Society, The Rain, and What/If. 

The Society holds on to No. 4, with Friends and Game of Thrones standing between it and Lucifer. Lower down at No. 9 you’ll find The Rain. Other shows from different networks that also hold spots in the Binge Report include Grey’s Anatomy and Riverdale. 

Finally, the Binge Report welcomes What/Ifstarring Renee Zellweger, which peeks at No. 10. By what we’ve seen, it appears it takes over a week for a new debut to reach the report. Unless, of course, the show is so popular that it’s watched a significant amount of times, enough to be added in only a few days.

That said, we may or may not see Black Mirror take over the Devil’s top spot next week. Another big series that has recently premiered is The Handmaid’s Tale season 3. Will either take Lucifer or at least land in the top 5? We’ll have to wait and see!

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