Don’t panic: Lucifer is probably getting renewed for season 5 soon

Lucifer on Netflix via Media Center
Lucifer on Netflix via Media Center /

Impatiently waiting for Netflix to announce a season 5 renewal for Lucifer? Don’t panic, we’re betting a renewal is coming soon!

All done watching season 4 of Lucifer? Let’s be honest, who are we kidding? Most of us have probably already watched the latest season at least twice! Despite season 4 being shorter and all episodes dropping at once, as most Netflix shows are, I believe this is the series best season yet.

Before you proceed, please note spoilers are ahead if you haven’t seen the latest season of Lucifer! This is your one and only spoiler alert!

Lucifer season 4 features new characters, relationships, and Chloe finally tells Lucifer she loves him. Oh, and let’s not forget, we got to meet baby Charlie! But quality improvement isn’t our only hint that another season is soon to come.

The comedy-drama is one of the biggest Netflix shows of the year so far! Once all 10 episodes of season 4 dropped, fans rushed to watch! The week of its release, Lucifer became the No. 1 most binge-watched show in the streaming network, according to TV Time’s Binge Report.

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Let’s not forget, Lucifer originally aired on Fox, but was canceled after three seasons. Netflix swooped in and rescued the show and all fans followed.

With such a massive and supportive fan base, why haven’t we heard any news about a fifth season? Don’t worry, this isn’t unusual! Typically, Netflix waits up to a month or two before revealing whether a series will be renewed or canceled. Sometimes it even takes longer, although we don’t expect the wait to learn Lucifer’s fate will take that long. We’re hoping to learn more by the end of the month, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the streaming giant has us wait until June.

What can you do in the meantime? Be loud! Make sure Netflix knows how you feel. Tweet and post about the series and how much you want a fifth season on social media. And, of course, watch all the episodes!

Netflix seems to only care about a few things when deciding whether or not to renew a show, and one of those things is viewership. If you haven’t seen the full season yet, you should watch it asap! And, if you haven’t binge-watched the series, you should binge-watch it. Watch multiple episdoes in one sitting. That’s what appears to matter to Netflix right now.

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