Lucifer season 5 DVD release date, bonus features, price and review

Not every Netflix series makes its way to DVD, but Lucifer has never been your normal Netflix series! While most Netflix Originals never get a physical release and only ever remain available to stream via Netflix, Lucifer has been a rare exception.

Its first three seasons hit shelves months after their seasons wrapped on FOX and there was a fear that would be the end of the series DVD run. Luckily, Netflix and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment chose to continue bringing fans new seasons on DVD and Blu-ray with season 4 dropping in May 2020 — roughly a year after its Netflix release.

Now, fans can add to their collection once again as season 5 is finally making its way to DVD and Blu-ray, giving Lucifans the chance to add the fifth season to their home entertainment collections!

Thanks to the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment team, we received a review copy of The Lucifer season 5 DVD providing us the chance to take an in-depth look at the 4-disc set!

When can you buy the Lucifer season 5 DVD?

The Lucifer season 5 DVD and Blu-ray set will arrive in stores and via select online retailers on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

Lucifer season 5 DVD synopsis

Wondering what to expect from the Lucifer season 5 DVD? Below we recap the season via the official synopsis for season 5 via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment:

In the fifth season, the stakes are higher than ever. Secrets will be revealed, Lucifer makes a tumultuous return from Hell, Chloe rethinks romance, Ella finally finds a nice guy, and Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing. In the first half of the season, Lucifer’s twin brother Michael secretly takes the devil’s place on earth while he’s back in Hell.

Eventually, Lucifer must face the mess his brother made with his life. He’ll also finally confront his feelings for Chloe, and answer a question that fans have been asking since the very beginning: “will they or won’t they?” Then in the second half of the season, God makes his grand appearance. Except, Lucifer never prayed for this, and he already can’t wait to send dear old Dad back where he came from. Unfortunately for Lucifer, God isn’t going anywhere, and wants to get into every aspect of Lucifer’s life. But our heroes will soon discover that God is here for more than just some family bonding time!

Lucifer S5 DVD Boxart. Image courtesy Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Lucifer season 5 DVD bonus features

Surprisingly, the Lucifer season 5 DVD does not contain too many bonus features. While past Lucifer box sets have featured special featurettes and even comic-con panels, the season 5 DVD’s only bonus features are deleted scenes from the season and a gag reel.

Is the Lucifer season 5 DVD worth buying?

Let’s start by looking at the set’s bonus features, as these are often the deciding choice for some fans.

If you’re looking for additional content, Lucifer: The Complete Fifth Season comes in right about on par with what the average season set release contains nowadays. You have a slew of deleted scenes and a gag reel, but unfortunately, that’s all.

Considering the series is now over, we would have loved some fresh new content such as some bonus features reflecting upon the season and the creation of the musical episode. Surely, there was some sort of unreleased footage that they could have snuck in for fans missing the series and its incredible cast. But hey, it’s becoming more and more usual for DVD and Blu-ray sets to only have the bare bones these days.

Taking the bonus content off the table, you’re still left with an incredible release thanks to the show’s wonderful fifth season. Season 5 had some of the show’s best episodes yet and was such an amazing season filled with several shocking twists and incredible new storylines. It also was the show’s biggest season from its Netflix years which is reason for celebration and makes it well worth the purchase.

While the season might have been split into two parts, you’ll find all 16 episodes on the DVD and Blu-ray release which is certainly nice.

It’s hard for me not to be biased just because of how much I love this show, but I’d definitely call Lucifer: The Complete Fifth Season is yet another must-have for fans and is a title I strongly adjust adding to your collection!