What/If review: The best worst show on Netflix

What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center
What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center /

Netflix surprised subscribers with the release of What/If over the weekend. It belongs categorized under trash TV gold. Here’s why you need to watch it.

Yes, I did just call What/If trash TV gold. It’s true! The 10-episode Netflix original series is over the top dramatic and should be a Netflix’s soap. The shocking twists are as insane (not in a good way) as you can imagine. So, why then, will you love it?

Please note that the following review is absolutely spoiler-free! It’s safe to read ahead if you haven’t watched the series as we only tease the drama and twists.

In What/If, we meet Anne Montgomery (Renee Zellweger) a successful and intelligent business woman who’s ruthless and doesn’t care to show it. Anne reaches out to Sean (Blake Jenner) and Lisa (Jane Levy) Donovan to propose a deal she claims is too great to refuse.

What’s this deal about? Lisa has a startup medical research company, Emigen, that is about to go bankrupt. She needs an investor, like yesterday! In comes Anne offering a deal that truly is oh too sweet to refuse! Well, sorta…

Simply put: Anne will invest $80 million in Emigen for one night alone with Lisa’s husband, Sean.

Wait. What kind of businesswoman is Anne and who has this much money? Yes, you’ll have many questions. But don’t worry, they will all be answered. That’s one of the many things you’ll love to hate about What/If — it truly does answer everything, as ridiculous as those answers may be. But wait, there’s more!

If that doesn’t hook you, the reveal that everyone is hiding something definitely will. Not to mention, there are plenty of juicy subplots to keep you busy. It’s all simply too much to refuse, it’s like our own weird deal with Netflix: Yes, we’ll watch this best worst show in exchange for all this hot absurd drama! Who doesn’t need an escape nowadays?

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By the penultimate episode, we’ll know a secret about everyone. But nothing will prepare you for the final scenes and perfect cliffhanger. Well, perfect for a soap or, in this case, What/If.

Both Renee Zellweger and Jane Levy are far too brilliant for this series, but you can’t blame them for being drawn into this insanely entertaining plot.

What you hopefully gathered from this short, spoiler-free review is that What/If is as crazy and confusing as the slash between its two words in the title. However, it’s incredibly addicting. Audiences will appreciate the eccentric events and see why it works so well for the series.

Definitely take the time to check out What/If, streaming on Netflix.

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