What episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the I Want It That Way scene?

The hilarious cold open kicks off B99 season 5 episode 17.

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Tell me why, is this Brooklyn Nine-Nine cold open scene the best one on television!? No, seriously. I'm not exaggerating! Jake gets chills in the scene, and so do we. The B99 "I Want It That Way" scene is so iconic, and even for those who haven't watched the show know what it is as it circulated all over the Internet when it first came out in 2018. And honestly, people still go back to look it up!

So what episode will you come across it? The first four seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are now streaming on Netflix. Unfortunately, this Backstreet Boys scene is in season 5 episode 17, "DFW." As I mentioned, it's a cold open so the good news is that if you haven't made your way through the first four seasons yet and don't want to be spoiled, you can still find the episode and just watch the very start.

While it's not available on Netflix for the time being, all eight seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are streaming on Peacock. So you can can make your way over to the platform to watch the "I Want It That Way" scene, and episode, if you'd like. But, there's even better news! The show's official YouTube account has generously and conveniently provided the clip, so watch it below!

The hilarious moment features Mr. Jake Peralta asking five suspects to sing the opening of "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys as the witness, Gwen, isn't able to identify the guilty person since she never saw him. But she does remember he was singing the catchy tune. As the five men belt it out, with Jake joining them, we cut to Gwen saying “It was number five. Number five killed my brother.” We end it in typical Jake fashion: “Oh, my God, I forgot about that part.” I mean, what could be funnier?

I truly don't know how Andy Samberg, aka Jake, kept a straight face while filming this! The viral video has reached 38 million views, and this scene is probably what people remember and laugh at the most from B99. There's so many great comedic moments in the sitcom, but I truly think this one is the funnies ever. No matter how many times I watch the scene, I laugh and can't get enough! It's truly a comedic gem.

As we're going to stay spoiler-free for you all, I'll just say that the cold open has nothing to do with the plot of the rest of the episode. That is the point of those kinds of scenes. The installment features Jake inviting a relative (won't reveal who for spoiler reasons!) to stay with him in New York. But he discovers this guest is kind of a nightmare. Elsewhere, Charles, Captain Holt, and Terry try out yoga which causes Terry to injure his back. And Gina sets up Rosa on a date.

The first four seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are now streaming on Netflix.

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