Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Do Jake and Amy end up together?

The duo become one of the best couples on the show after getting together in season 3. But do they stay together until the eigth and final season?

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* SPOILERS from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, including series finale *

Like many shows, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has its romantic storylines. There's some great couples we see on the comedy. One of my favorites is definitely Captain Holt and his husband Kevin Cozner. Also when the series begins, Terry Jeffords is married and has two daughters. And he's definitely devoted to his family. Though there is one duo who stands out and becomes the main couple of B99. And that's Jake and Amy.

So the answer is, yes. Jake and Amy do end up together on Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Those of you who have been zipping through the first four seasons of the show on Netflix have reached the point where they start dating. I mean, even from their competitive bets from the start you can tell the two detectives are attracted to each other. When Amy starts dating Teddy, Jake realizes his feelings for her and confesses those feelings before they officially get together.

Jake and Amy's relationship on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The major turning point in their relationship is in season 2 episode 23, "Johnny and Dora." He admits that he wanted to ask her out, but Amy has a rule of not dating cops. But, that kind of goes out the window when Jake and Amy kiss at the end of the episode! Then in the premiere of season 3 the couple starts to explore a relationship and get together shortly after. Yay! That's exactly what we wanted to see.

After that, their relationship continues to progress naturally and nicely. They move in together in season 4, Jake proposes to his girlfriend in the cutest way possible for them in season 5 episode 4, "HalloVeen," and the lovely couple gets married later that season in the finale titled "Jake & Amy." We start off season 6 with them on their honeymoon, and an unexpected guest hilariously ends up at the same resort, inadvertently their romantic time there.

The duo eventually faces a bit of a challenge with Amy wanting kids, and Jake admitting he doesn't. However, eventually he gets on board with the idea and in season 7, the duo start trying. It takes them a while to conceive and they almost give up. But then it happens and Amy is pregnant! Jake and Amy welcome a baby boy in the season 7 finale! His name is McClane "Mac" after John McClane from Die Hard, Jake's favorite movie.

What I love about this couple is that they're very supportive of each other and communicate well when an issue arises. They're an example of a very healthy couple. Amy eventually wants to become a sergeant and she does. Yes, girl! There was never a time where Jake felt "threatened" that his wife would have a higher ranking at work than him. He fully supported her, and that's what we need to see more of. I also love that B99 didn't raise conflicts between them that were unncessary or did the whole on-again off-again relationship. Each season, Peraltiago (their ship name!) saw a new progression in their relationship and they're truly one of the best couples on TV.

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Jake's character starts off Brooklyn Nine-Nine immature and a kid who never grew up. By the end of the series in season 8, we see the true character growth he's gone through. And part of that is being a supportive husband and choosing to leave his job at the Nine-Nine, though it's very important to him, to stay at home with their son. Both Amy and Jake experience a struggle balancing parenthood and work, and Jake chooses to stay home. This was important to portray as a husband supporting his wife's career. But it was also great because of Jake's continued issues with his father being absent growing up. And this was the perfect "ending" for his character, to be there for his son.

The first four seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are now streaming on Netflix.

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