Who is the best couple in Cobra Kai?

COBRA KAI - SEASON 1 - EPISODE 102 - Courtesy of Mark Hill/YouTube Red/Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television/Netflix
COBRA KAI - SEASON 1 - EPISODE 102 - Courtesy of Mark Hill/YouTube Red/Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television/Netflix /

Yasmine and Demetri are two of Cobra Kai‘s supporting characters whose storylines took an unexpected turn in Cobra Kai season 3: they became a couple!

What? One of West Valley High’s biggest nerds ended up with the most popular girls in school? How did that happen?

Well, it started when Yas returned in season 3 after spending the summer in Paris, which is why she wasn’t in season 2, which I thought was sort of weird. However, there was a new mean girl in town, Tory, who was even meaner than Yas. Not to mention more of a threat because Tory knew karate and wasn’t afraid to use it. I figured the writers had just traded out mean girls.

Yes and no.

Yasmine and Demetri are Cobra Kai’s best couple

In season 3, Yas comes back somewhat reinvented. She’s still stylish, stuck up and as snarky as ever, but something’s changed. She’s actually a little more humble and even compassionate, thanks to the front wedgie Aisha gave her at the end of season 1.

Something that hasn’t changed, though, is that Yasmine is still a conniving user. Because Demetri is smart and can help her get better grades, she teams up with him on a project until Hawk smashes it.

That’s when we see good ol’ Yas rear her ugly head. She tells Demetri to buzz off because he’s of no use to her anymore.

But then something unexpected happens. After a run-in with the Cobra Kais, Demetri ends up with a broken arm. Making matters worse, Kyler draws a huge phallic symbol on his cast.

Thanks to her front wedgie debacle, Yasmine has a new appreciation for what it feels like to be the school’s laughingstock. She ends up taking pity on Demetri, and, because she’s still the most popular girl in school, she uses her influence to write something witty on his cast to up his cool factor.

But what ends up happening is she realizes she’s into Demetri!

Screen Rant may have put it best when they summed up the unlikely couple as not only “a great source of comedy,” but the series’ best couple. I didn’t think about it like that at first, but they’re right. They add just the right dose of sweet levity when things start getting a bit intense and our nerves need a break.

It’ll be interesting to see where Yasmine and Demetri’s relationship goes in season 4.

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