Supacell season 2 needs to happen (and here's how season 1 sets it up)

Supacell is one of the best new Netflix shows of the summer
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Supacell is officially the No. 1 Netflix show in the UK just days after its premiere on June 28, 2024. After fans watched all six episodes of Supacell, there are already reports that basically everyone wants to see Supacell season 2.

So, let's talk about Supacell season 2, why it needs to happen, and how it could happen.

Has Netflix ordered Supacell season 2?

Not yet! As I mentioned, I don't think many people are tuning in for Supacell season 1 and opting out of a potential second season. Unless Supacell smashes viewership numbers, we're likely in for a bit of a wait until we find out if Supacell season 2 is happening or not.

At this point, we should all know that Netflix usually bases its plans on viewership numbers, how many people are tuning in and finishing the season, and the overall reaction to the season. It looks at how much the show costs vs. how much future seasons will cost, and then the streamer makes a decision. Typically, it takes a while, but we have seen, on occasion, Netflix announce early renewals.

If the numbers are good and Rapman and co. is ready to get rolling on a new season, Netflix could, in theory, announce the renewal within a few weeks, but it has to a hit. Fans need to tune in to make that happen!

Why Supacell season 2 should happen

After watching the first six episodes of the season, there's no doubt in my mind that Supacell season 2 should happen. There are so many reasons. First of all, this show is great! It's must-watch right now! And, the story sets up a second season. That's very clear, and I'll get into more of that shortly.

It's clear that there are more new stories to be told in this world. We need to know what's next for Michael (Tosin Cole), Tazer (Josh Tedeku), Sabrina (Nadine Mills), Andre (Eric Kofi-Abrefa), and Rodney (Calvin Demba). It would be a real shame if this was the end of the series, especially when there's so much more to do.

Although series creator Rapman hasn't commented officially about a second season, Rapman did reference more seasons in an interview with Deadline.

“And I just have to make it real, man," Rapman told Deadline while answering a question about the violence in the series. "I’ve got a long story that I want to take Tazer on throughout the seasons."

Supacell is a great show with a lot more story to tell, and it seems like fans are enjoying it! That's the recipe

How season 1 teases season 2

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At the end of the first season of Supacell, there's no doubt that one part of the mystery is resolved, but this story opens up to so much more in the final scenes.

After Michael, Tazer, Andre, Rodney, and Sabrina go head to head with Krazy and the hooded people with powers working for The Organization, Dionne is killed by a stray bullet that Krazy fired at Michael.

The following day, the five heroes reunite. Michael tells them that he's going to the future to find who and what they are facing. He's going to return to tell them how they need to proceed. Clearly, they will be targeted after disposing of several of The Organization's important assets.

He vanishes in what seems like the final scene of the season, but it's not.

Supacell then reveals that Krazy lived, and he was saved by Ray (Eddie Marsan) and the others at The Organization. It's revealed that he was in charge of some aspects, but Ray was not in charge of everything. Instead, that responsibility falls to Victoria (Sian Brooke). She has Krazy executed for his inability to follow orders and accomplish his mission.

And, that's the end of the first season. There are still several storylines unresolved, though. Sharleen, Sabrina's sister, is still being held by The Organization, as is Jasmine, the woman who was taken from her family, the people Dionne was speaking with and gathering information.

Of course, Dionne is gone, but we've seen time-travel shows before. Will Michael revisit the past after the trip to the future? We'll wait to find out in season 2.

Stay tuned for more news about Supacell season 2!

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