Supacell episode 6 recap: "Supacell"

It all goes down in A-Town in the Supacell season 1 finale.
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In the sixth and final episode of Supacell season 1, “Supacell,” things get very interesting, but many of the storylines from the first season are wrapped up. Not all, but most.

Remember, at the end of the fifth episode, Andre was just kidnapped. While it looked like Tazer would be the next victim of the hoods, Michael, Rodney, and Sabrina arrived to help him.

In the first scene of episode 6, the four of our heroes, including Michael, Tazer, Sabrina, and Rodney, fight back against the hooded figures. Michael stops time, and Tazer tries to kill them, but Michael stops him for some reason. They teleport away, leaving Sabrina and Rodney vs. the hooded figures. Rodney gets hit in the back by a fireball before Michael returns and teleports them back to Sabrina’s house. Rodney’s skin is burned, but it heals very quickly, just like Barry Allen/The Flash.

At Sabrina’s house, the four sleep after exhausting their powers that night.

At The Organization, Ray, the boss, played by Eddie Marsan, watches footage of the events, and he concludes that they are working together and someone is helping them, which is true. Shortly after, he meets with Andre and explains the situation at The Organization. He claims that they are helping people with sickle cell anemia. Some people with relatives with sickle cell have a dormant supacell of sorts, which gives them special abilities. Ray claims The Organization is there to help those with powers be reintroduced to society once their powers are cleared, but clearly, that’s not true. He offers Andre a job, but it’s more of a threat. They’re going to hurt AJ if Andre doesn’t comply. 

Meanwhile, Dionne speaks with Jasmine’s father. Jasmine went missing a while ago, but her father reveals that she’s being held at a facility at the Ashington Estate. She's also the woman we've been seeing stuck at The Organization throughout the season.

Dionne tries to reach out to Michael, but he doesn’t answer. Finally, the four heroes wake up, and they realize that they have to work together. Michael explains that they are being hunted by these things with hoods and powers. 

Later, Michael meets Dionne at A-Town. Michael tells her that she was dead in the future, and she takes the news surprisingly well. They join up with Rodney and Sabrina, who go with them into A-Town, which is located above The Organization and also where Krazy and his crew are dealing drugs. They drive into A-Town, and they see Krazy. Sabrina, who is searching for Sharleen and knows that Krazy took her, hops out of the car and uses her powers, sending Krazy flying and his crew scattering, but there’s a twist! 

Krazy also has powers! He can steal the powers of other people, which is not good. Oh, and he’s one of the hooded figures who has been stalking the group all season. Rodney, Sabrina, and Michael are defo outnumbered, but then Tazer shows up. He tries to kill Krazy, but Sabrina stops him because she still doesn’t know where his sister is. 

Suddenly, the four plus Dionne are surrounded by the hooded figures. Krazy reveals that they took Sharleen because they thought she had powers. 

Then, there’s another big reveal that Andre is one of the hooded figures, too! 

There’s an epic battle between those working for The Organization and Michael, Sabrina, Tazer, and Rodney. Sabrina and Tazer kill a few of the hoods before Michael wakes up and convinces Andre to switch sides, which he does. 

Eventually, the five start working together for the first time this season against Krazy. They use their powers to discard the rest of the hoods, leaving Krazy as the only one left. He begs them to let him live in exchange for information about The Organization and where/how they can find their missing friends and family and stop them, but it’s a trap. Krazy steals Rodney’s speed and kills them all before Michael reverses time, saving their lives. 

He tries to kill Krazy, but Krazy, life hanging by a thread, finds a gun and shoots at Michael. The shot misses because Rodney jumps in the way to save Michael. The bullet hits Dionne, killing her, and making destiny come true. Michael tries his hardest to save her and turn back time again, but he has no energy left. 

The next day, the five meet at Gabriel’s. Michael, grieving Dionne, offers to go to the future to find out what they’re dealing with and what they need to do to stop them. And, that’s exactly what he does. After a little solidarity power surge with the team, Michael vanishes to the future. 

We think that’s the end, but no, no, no! Remember Victoria, played by Siân Brooke, who was the person who got Michael’s mom to come to Health & Unity, the sickle cell treatment center? Well, she’s the person running the show, and she’s tired of Krazy, who somehow survived the battle. He’s been nursed back to health, and he begs Victoria for one final chance. Instead, she makes the guards kill him, or so it appears. 

And, that’s the end of Supacell season 1. It seems like there’s a very good chance that we’ll see Supacell season 2. As always, fans need to tune in to make that happen!