Supacell season 1 ending, explained

There's definitely room for Supacell season 2!
Supacell - Credit: Netflix
Supacell - Credit: Netflix /

Supacell is one of the hottest new shows on Netflix. Rapman’s Netflix original series is gaining popularity around the world, and everyone wants to know how the first season ends. 

While I think Supacell does a good job of explaining what’s happening to our heroes, Michael (Tosin Cole), Rodney (Calvin Demba), Andre (Eric Kofi-Abrefa), Sabrina (Nadine Mills), and Taser (Josh Tedeku) throughout the series, the best episode of Supacell is the season 1 finale. 

We explained how the first season comes to an end. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead for the first season of Supacell. 

How did Michael and the others get powers in Supacell? 

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In the fifth episode of Supacell, titled “Rodney,” Andre is abducted by the hooded figures as he goes to meet up with Michael and the group. Ray, played by Eddie Marsan, the second in command at The Organization, questions Andre about the identities of Michael, Sabrina, Rodney, and Taser, but Andre lies and says he doesn’t know them. Ray also explains what the organization is and why Andre has powers. 

Basically, Andre is the descendant of someone who was treated for sickle cell anemia. Although Andre doesn’t have the disease, he has powers that lie dormant until they’re needed or exposed to some trauma. Ray claims The Organization is trying to help rehabilitate people with powers. 

We know that is a lie, and they are doing experiments on the people who are kept there, but we don’t know how it all fits into place until the very end of Supacell season 1. 

Krazy has powers and is working for The Organization

Supacell - Credit: Netflix /

Michael, Rodney, Sabrina, and Dionne visit A-Town, which is basically just a drug den where Krazy’s crew distributes their product. Dionne’s research leads them to the Ashington Estate. Earlier in the season, Krazy, played by Ghetts, asked Taser to meet there to settle their business. He threatens to kill Tazer’s grandma if he doesn’t cooperate. As we learn, the area is a cover for The Organization to operate. 

There are several major reveals during this part of the season! During the stakeout, Sabrina sees Krazy, whom she attacks for putting his hands on Sharleen, played by Rayxia Ojo. She uses her powers on Krazy and sends him flying. The rest of the gang scatters, but there’s a twist. Krazy has powers, too! And, on top of that, he’s actually working with The Organization and the hooded gang who Michael is trying to rally the troops to fight against. 

The hooded gang emerges, led by Krazy, and they get the upper hand rather easily. The group also includes Andre, who was taken captive when he was trying to meet up with Michael earlier. Thankfully, Tazer shows up and uses his invisibility to make it more of a fair fight. Sabrina kills one of Krazy’s minions, while Taser kills another. Krazy and his group try to open a portal to take everyone back to The Organization, which is what they were instructed to do by Ray, the mysterious leader of the operation. 

Andre, at Michael’s request, flips his allegiance to Michael’s group while Krazy tries to kill Tazer. As we know, the five – Michael, Rodney, Sabrina, Taser, and Andre – are supposed to fight together to stop The Organization. Michael’s seen it in the future, and that was the catalyst for this whole battle to come together. 

After disarming Krazy, they get Krazy to surrender. He tricks them, though. Krazy tells them that he can take them to The Organization to find their missing people and stop them once and for all. He says he has a way into The Organization stashed in his back pocket. Rodney tries to take it off him, and Krazy uses his powers to steal Rodney’s speed. He, then, kills Michael, Sabrina, Andre, and Taser before turning his sights on Dionne who is trying to flee in the car. 

Dionne dies after getting shot by Krazy 

Michael sees it all play out and uses his powers to go back in time, just like he did when Taser stabbed him at the beginning of the season. He tries to kill Krazy, but he fails. 

The group can’t understand why Michael tried to kill him before Krazy revealed how to get to The Organization. As Michael is explaining himself, Krazy picks up his gun and shoots one shot at Michael. Rodney uses his superspeed to save Michael by knocking him out of the way. 

Unfortunately, the bullet strikes Dionne, who is in the car behind Michael. Dionne, who Michael has been trying to save since he learned that she was destined to die, dies at the scene. Michael tries to go back in time to save Dionne from dying, but his powers are zapped. 

Michael reveals he’s going to the future

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In the final scene with the five who are going up against The Organization, Michael asks them to come to Gabriel’s club. There, he reveals that he’s going to use his powers to go to the future to find out who is behind The Organization, what their mission is, and why they’re doing what they’re doing. Then, he disappears! 

It looks like that’s the end of Supacell season 1. There’s a very clear setup for Supacell season 2. It looks like Rapman had big plans for this story, and now, we’re just waiting to find out if Netflix shares those same plans. Will they renew Supacell for season 2? We hope so! 

The Organization’s leader is revealed

Somehow, Krazy survived the events at A-Town. He’s healing somewhere in The Organization’s headquarters when Ray enters and tells him that he had “one breath left.” Just when things appear to be going Krazy’s way, Victoria, played by Siân Brooke, who is the doctor from the first episode. She and the nurse, Tina, were trying to convince Michael and Michael’s mom to go to The Organization for sickle cell treatment. How sinister! 

She puts Krazy on blast for not doing his job and allowing the five others with powers to escape. For his inability to do his job, Victoria has Krazy killed. 

And, that’s the end of the season! What an amazing first season. As I mentioned, we’re just waiting now to find out if Supacell will be renewed for season 2. Stay tuned!