Watch or skip Supacell: Netflix's new superhero thriller is a hit

The British sci-fi series is a must-watch!
Supacell - Credit: Netflix
Supacell - Credit: Netflix /

Supacell, created by Rapman, premiered on Netflix on Thursday, June 27, 2024. Netflix hooked us up with screeners for the new British sci-fi series, and we can't wait for fans all over the world to tune in for the six-episode first season.

The Netflix original series stars Josh Tedeku, Tosin Cole, Adelayo Adedayo, Eddie Marsan, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Nadine Mills, Calvin Demba, and more.

Supacell tells the story of a group of five South Londoners who develop powers and are forced to come together to save themselves from powerful hooded figures and solve the mystery of what's happening to them. Michael (Cole) tries to assemble the group after he's contacted by a future version of himself who warns him that his new fiance, Dionne (Adedayo), will die unless he brings them all together and stops

Everyone wants to know if Supacell is the next big thing on Netflix, and so I'm here to share the news. Supacell is supa-good!

Why you should watch Supacell

Supacell is the perfect show to watch this summer on Netflix! It's early, but there's no doubt that Supacell is going to be a big hit on Netflix.

We've seen shows about people with powers on Netflix. We've seen stories about Black superheroes, but we've never seen anything quite like this. It's a breath of fresh air in the genre. And, while we've seen stories like this -- people from different walks of life who are forced to work together after discovering new powers, Supacell feels different enough to keep you interested for all six episodes. This is basically a Marvel series that's set in South London, but it's way more mature and violent.

Hooked yet?

I was so impressed with the performances in this series, especially the main cast, including Cole, Tedeku, Mills, Kofi-Abrefa, and Demba. I wasn't familiar with many of the cast heading into the series, but I'm a fan. They were terrific, and they had outstanding chemistry. No spoilers here, but dang!

And, the story? Rapman, as the writer, creator, and director, outdoes himself. It's an interesting premise, but the execution is everything. Supacell is a thrill ride from start to finish.

If you have a Netflix subscription and like drama, Supacell is your next binge-watch this summer!

Why you should skip Supacell

Supacell - Netflix /

Supacell is a niche sci-fi/superhero show. Not everyone is going to love this kind of show. Those people can sit this one out and watch --- I don't know -- Your Honor on Netflix and keep that bad boy in the Netflix Top 10 all summer long.

Honestly, unless you hate sci-fi or superhero shows, there's no other reason that you shouldn't give Supacell a shot, at least.

Verdict: Supacell is going to be one of the best Netflix shows of the summer

Ultimately, Supacell is a great new Netflix show. I'm a huge fan of British shows, and Supacell is one of the best I've seen in a long time.

As it stands with the Netflix new releases on the way, it's not going to get much better than this on Netflix this summer! There's so much to like about the series, and I think, if you give it a chance, you're going to really enjoy the show.

Supacell is one of the best Netflix shows of 2024 so far. Aside from Three-Body Problem, Supacell is a cut above other sci-fi Netflix originals. . . Supacell . Supacell . A