Reba and the 5 best comedy series to watch on Netflix in May 2024

Netflix has a bunch of entertaining comedy shows lined up this month.
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Are you bored of watching the same old comedy shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory? Would you like to try something new and exciting this month? Worry not, we got you!

To save you the trouble of sorting through all the excellent comedy shows that are coming out on Netflix this month, we have compiled a list that includes the very best ones and are happy to share it with you.

The age-old saying "Laughter is the best medicine" couldn't be more true. No matter your mood — stressed, happy, or even bored — nothing beats settling down with a bowl of popcorn and a good comedy. Looking for something humorous to watch on Netflix this month? We've compiled a list of the finest comedy shows for you to enjoy.


TIRES. (L to R) Chris O’Connor as Cal and Shane Gillis as Shane in Episode 1 of Tires. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Do you want to find a show that is similar to The Office? Then you're in good hands with us! This month sees the release of Tires, a new workplace comedy starring Shane Gillis premiering on May 23.

The comedian has just made his hosting breakthrough on Saturday Night Live, and now his new TV show is going to be released on Netflix. The six-part comedy series involves Gillis in multiple capacities: actor, executive producer, and co-creator.

Gillis plays a guy called Shane, who is on the verge of becoming Will's worst nightmare. Tires portrays Will, the nervous and unfit heir to a car repair chain, as he tries to save his father's company from bankruptcy while enduring relentless bullying from his cousin and current employee, Shane.


Bodkin. (L to R) David Wilmot as Seamus, Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 102 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

If you were wondering what the best kind of comedy is, we have an answer! Without a doubt, dark comedies take the cake here! Although it won't make you laugh out loud, it will make you wonder "What just happened?"

Of all the shows on Netflix this month, Bodkin season 1 is among the most sought-after. In this deliciously dark comedy, a group of podcasters in a picturesque Irish town try to find out what happened to three strangers who went missing. Will Forte, Siobhán Cullen, and Robyn Cara will star in the show, which is now streaming.


Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Steve Howey, Joanna Garcia
The WBs "Reba" Show -With Guest Dolly Parton / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

The story takes place in Houston, Texas, and follows the middle-aged Reba Hart when she learns that her partner Brock plans to separate from her after having an affair with his dental hygiene professional, Barbra Jean, who happens to be only half her age. Reba's life is already chaotic, and her daughter, Cheyenne's pregnancy adds another twist.

Reba tries to make it through each day alongside her teenage girl Kyra and son Jake despite the new problems and instability in the family.

Reba McEntire, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Christopher Rich, and Melissa Peterman are among the brilliant actors featured in the show, which has taken home the honor of People's Choice Award for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series.

Frankly Speaking

240412_Frankly Speaking_PR Still (5)
Frankly Speaking - Netflix /

Created by JTBC, Frankly Speaking, is a romantic comedy K-Drama. Perhaps you are familiar with JTBC from their production of the well-liked Korean drama Queen of Divorce. This production company is also known for producing other Korean series such as Doctor Slump, Destined With You, To My Beloved, and The Atypical Family! Additionally, Choi Kyung-sun wrote the scripts for Frankly Speaking while Jang Ji-yeon directed the episodes.

The 33-year-old, single Song Ki-Baek is the heart of the romantic comedy K-Drama. At a broadcasting station, he works as a presenter. He's thought of as the perfect anchor by some. He conducts himself professionally and with grace. However, one day, Song Ki-Baek experiences an event that makes him talk without thinking things through. It is the greatest crisis of his private life right now.

On the other hand, Woo-Joo is a driven writer for TV variety shows. She arranges for Song Ki-Baek to show up on her variety series after growing interested in his blunt remarks. South Korean actor Ko Kyoung-Pyo plays the role of Song Ki-Baek. He's renowned for his previous roles in the Korean series Connect and My Roommate Is A Gumiho. Kang Han-Na plays the role of On Woo-Joo. She has acted in Korean television series Bloody Heart, Start-Up, and Familiar Wife previously.

Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland

Darin Brooks, Chris Romano, Alan Ritchson, Eric Falconer
Darin Brooks, Chris Romano, Alan Ritchson, Eric Falconer / Eric Charbonneau/GettyImages

The comedy movie directed by Lev L. Spiro and featuring Darin Brooks, Alan Ritchson, and Chris Romano, Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland was released in the United States of America in 2016. The television series Blue Mountain State, which is also streaming on Netflix, served as the inspiration for this.

The stress involved in becoming a professional NFL player are something that quarterback Thad must contend with, and he along with his team have to struggle to prevent their house from being locked down by the president of the university.

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