Frankly Speaking episode 2 recap, review, and ending explained

In this electrifying episode, Ki-baek's personality takes a shocking turn. Join us as we explore the messy aftermath of this new development.
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In the previous episode of Frankly Speaking, we saw a drastic shift in Ki-baek's personality. Ki-baek's lofty ambitions made him come across as quite agreeable at the beginning of the show.

He was electrocuted as the episode went on, and this completely transformed his personality. Following the shock, he says everything that comes to mind, uncensored. He even calls out a celebrity for his tendency to mistreat staff members.

The second episode of Frankly Speaking picks up the storyline of the previous episode. As it might cost him his job, Ki-baek is trying to control his tongue. Although he tries, he is unable to lie.

Frankly Speaking episode 2 recap

Because of the scene he pulled with the celebrity, Ki-baek tries to avoid running into his boss at work. That being said, despite trying hard, he continues to be brutally honest with his coworkers, hurting their feelings in the process. Besides, he no longer allows anyone to take advantage of him, which is a character development he didn't ask for.

We watch Ki-baek speaking with his boss. He finds himself telling his boss everything that is on his mind. He goes so far as to ask his boss to make him the lead anchor. This offends his boss quite a bit. However, Woo-joo, who is there as well, tries to calm things down.

Following this, Woo-joo begins to look into whether the electrocution had an impact on Ki-baek. As a consequence, she forcefully takes him to a neurologist to get him tested.

This episode also gives us a peek of Woo-joo and her dire situation. We watch her struggle after the variety show is cancelled. Although she is trying to make the most of things, she is getting the short end of the stick.

When Woo-joo asks Ki-baek to apologize to the celebrity in order to convince him to get onboard, he makes her realize that she has been letting his disrespectful behavior towards the staff slide for far too long.

We also get to see a little of Ki-baek's family life. He pays his parents a visit after a few furious admirers of the celebrity hound him. At this point, we learn that his family, including his older siblings have been mooching off of him for far too long. Since he's unable to have a grip on his tongue anymore, he tells them off this time and leaves.

Then we see Ki-baek's boss offering him another chance and asking him to host an award ceremony. This time, Ki-baek messes up quite dramatically as he ends up insulting an actor. He gets slapped by the actor as a consequence. For Ki-baek, things start to go south at this point. Not only does he screw up yet again, he is asked to vacate the flat he is living in.

Here we also catch a peek of Woo-joo's past. We witness the nature of her relationship with Jung-hyeon, her former partner. It seems like Woo-joo was the one who always made the effort in their previous relationship, which was one-sided.

Woo-joo begins to care about Ki-baek's well-being

In the present timeline, Ki-baek goes fishing with his friend. On the other hand, Woo-joo arrives at the same location to check out a spot for her next variety show.

Ki-baek climbs a rock in the episode's final moments to take in the view. As Woo-joo happens to see him, she believes he is trying to end his life. As a consequence, she climbs on the rock to save him. As Woo-joo is the reason Ki-baek has been in trouble, he tries to get away from her and falls off the rock and into the sea, with Woo-joo following suit.

Ki-baek is presented as an agreeable character at the beginning of the season with his ambitions on full display. He becomes an incredibly honest man after the electrocution, though. We witness his inability to control his thoughts. This is supposed to be comic relief, but it also suggests that there are more serious, underlying psychological problems. Besides, this transformation is deftly planned to impact every aspect of his life. This creates a number of awkward but insightful situations in everything from personal relationships to work dynamics.

The episode also explores Ki-baeks strained family ties. We get a glimpse of his family life, which ultimately enriches his character. Moreover, it heightens the effect of his personal outburst during a family dispute. This skillfully combines personal and professional stakes. This eventually begs the question of how much one can take before snapping.

In the end, a dramatic and cheesy cliffhanger concludes the episode. Woo-joo is pursuing Ki-baek, and they unintentionally fall into the sea. This scene not only closes the episode suspensefully but also represents Ki-baek's plunge into the chaotic fallout from his newly acquired "honesty."

Overall, this episode skillfully combines drama, comedy, and character growth. Complex issues including truth in both personal and professional lives are explored in the K-Drama. One can only wonder if Ki-baek's shock-induced honesty is a curse or a strange kind of blessing as he deals with the rough seas of his new reality. With a compelling narrative that keeps viewers excitedly awaiting the next episode, the show keeps posing moral conundrums.

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