Shane Gillis self-funded show Tires bought by Netflix for May 2024 release

His self-financed sitcom Tires is premiering this May on Netflix.
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Netflix is continuing its trend of picking up "canceled" comedians like Dave Chappelle and now Shane Gillis. The streaming service just picked up his self-funded comedy series Tires, set to premiere on May 23.

For those who need a refresher, Gillis is the guy who was hired as a new featured player on Saturday Night Live in 2019 and then subsequently fired after some controversial podcast clips of him and his Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast co-host started circulating online.

Despite his ousting from the variety sketch show, Gillis has slowly been climbing his way back into the mainstream again. He appeared in a few episodes of the Peacock series Bupkis, starring SNL alum Pete Davidson and recently even hosted an episode of SNL during the February 24 episode alongside 21 Savage. And yes, he poked fun at his firing in his opening monologue.

SNL has always been relatively fickle, so it's not surprising that Gillis ended up finding his way back to 30 Rock, but it did seem a bit random to have him on in between stars like Ayo Edebiri and Sydney Sweeney.

What to know about Tires on Netflix

Anyway, for those still not sold on Gillis (or if you're a fan already), you'll soon get to check out more of his scripted work with the upcoming comedy show Tires.

According to Variety, Gillis stars and serves as an executive producer on the show, which was self-financed. It spans six episodes and stars Steven Gerben as Will, an "unqualified heir to an auto repair chain." Gerben is also credited as an executive producer, writer, and creator alongside Gillis' frequent collaborator John McKreever. In addition to his other duties, McKreever also directs the series.

Gillis plays Will's cousin and employee, Shane. He serves as an antagonistic foil to Will's character. Overall, Tires sounds a bit similar to Kevin James' short-lived Netflix sitcom The Crew, though that series was centered around NASCAR specifically. Let's hope Tires fares better.

Apart from Gerben and Gillis, Tires also stars Kilah Fox, Chris O'Connor, Andrew Schulz, and Stavros Halkias.

In addition to Tires, Netflix will also work with Gillis to produce his second comedy stand-up special for the service. His previous special, "Beautiful Dogs," is currently streaming. He will also perform two lives shows at the Netflix is a Joke Fest in Los Angeles, on May 4 at the Greek Theater and May 8 at the Kia Forum.

All six episodes of Tires debut on May 23.

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