Jimmy, Chelsea, and Jess love triangle in Love is Blind season 6, explained

Love is Blind. (L to R) Jimmy, Chelsea in episode 605 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
Love is Blind. (L to R) Jimmy, Chelsea in episode 605 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Love is Blind season 6 is now streaming on Netflix. Fans have been tuning in for the first six episodes of the season. There's so much to cover, including the love triangle between Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea Blackwell, and Jessica Vestal. No, it's not all about Matthew! We explained what happened between the three Love is Blind contestants, along with Trevor Sova, who gets looped into the drama, too.

There are spoilers for the first six episodes of Love is Blind season 6 ahead!

What happens with Jimmy, Chelsea, and Jess?

At the beginning of the season, Jimmy forms a connection with Jess and Chelsea. Jess is all-in on Jimmy pretty early in the pods. It seems like they have a good thing going, but Jimmy also has strong feelings for Chelsea, as well, and Chelsea has feelings for him. She also has a good thing going with Trevor, who is all-in on her from the beginning. What it equates to is a big-time love triangle with Trevor waiting in the wings to see which way Chelsea's heart swings.

Throughout the second and third episodes, Jess and Jimmy are getting much more serious, and Jess begins to open up about her past, including her childhood in foster care before finding her "god-given family" as a teenager. She also shares that she has a 10-year-old daughter, Autumn. Let's be real: Jimmy doesn't respond to this news in a great way.

Later that day, Jimmy has a date with Chelsea, who reveals that she was married and is now divorced. Jimmy responds even worse to this news. He admits that he's having a rough day. His reaction upsets Chelsea, and it seems like their relationship is tanking.

Love is Blind. Jessica in episode 601 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Both couples rebound from Jimmy's reaction to finding out the big news, and it seems like Jimmy's relationship with Jess progresses further in what we see in the series than his relationship with Chelsea. Likewise, Chelsea and Trevor seem to connect on a deeper level than Jimmy and Chelsea, but that could be us just seeing what the producers and editors of Love is Blind want us to see.

Anyway, Jess makes her big move in the fourth episode. She gives Jimmy a letter that she wrote addressed to the future love of her life and the person she sees as her husband. Jimmy reads the letter out loud. Immediately after, that's where things go wrong. It's clearly set up to be the moment for Jimmy to reciprocate his feelings. Instead, he says "I feel strongly about you," but doesn't finish. He also admits he can't give her what she wants to hear at this point. He wants to be sure before he proposes, but Jess is obviously hurt. As the conversation continues, he admits that he needs to think about Autumn, Jess's daughter, and whether he's ready to become a parent.

They leave the conversation on bad terms, as the conversation shifts to Jimmy's other relationship (Chelsea).

Later that night, Chelsea has a date with Jimmy, and it goes really well. It's basically the opposite of what happens with Jess. Jimmy tells Chelsea that his conversation with Jess was "absolutely terrible." He opens up to her, and then she empathizes with the situation because she's in a similar position with Jimmy and Trevor. Jimmy, then, tells Chelsea that he is in love with her! He can envision a future with her, which is everything he did not tell Jess.

Chelsea returns to the women's quarters, and nicely, she tells some of the other women that Jimmy revealed that he loves her. Laura Dadisman, then, takes matters into her own hands. Looking out for Jess, she reveals that Jimmy is "not her man" and is in love with Chelsea. Jess is crushed. Hours ago, she told Jimmy he was the one and she got shut down. It's one of the roughest breakups we've seen in the pods over six seasons.

In an interview after the season premiered, Jess revealed to USA Today that everyone was supportive of her after she found out Jimmy was choosing Chelsea.

"All of the girls were so supportive. They wanted me to go out on my terms rather than getting broken up with."

And go out on her own terms, she did!

Later in the fourth episode, Jess gives Jimmy a piece of her mind and accuses Jimmy of not being direct with her and leading her on. It's a bit harsh, but Jimmy not making up his mind this late in the game did jeopardize his relationships, along with the relationships of others. Jess revealed to USA Today that she was going to leave, but she wanted to let Jimmy know, one last time, how she felt:

"The day before, when I found out that he was going to be proposing to someone else, I actually planned on leaving. And I went back that night, and I was so sad. I woke up the next morning and I was like, ‘Actually, no, I remember who I am.’ And I felt like I owed it to myself to have that conversation with him that one last time."

Jimmy and Chelsea get engaged, but then he reveals that he almost left before the big reveal

From what's shown in the first few episodes, Jimmy and Chelsea have a slower burn, but they do express that they're falling for each other and struggling to deal with the feelings they have for other people (Jess and Trevor), as well.

Finally, in episode 5, it's Jimmy vs. Trevor for Chelsea's heart. Who will Chelsea pick? Jimmy has the first date of the day with Chelsea, and he proposes to her. "I will 1,000% marry you," Chelsea tells Jimmy.

They get engaged before Chelsea has a chance to talk with Trevor. She breaks up with Trevor after accepting Jimmy's proposal. Trevor questions if things would be different if he went first and Jimmy had the second date with Chelsea. He also questions why Chelsea is choosing someone who was questioning whether he wanted to propose to someone else so recently when she had someone (him) who "100% wanted" her. Trevor even asks her if she would change her mind if he proposed to her.

Chelsea doesn't answer Trevor's questions, but she says, "I just couldn't give you all of me." And, that's it for their relationship. Trevor also shared an update on the proposal timeline with US Weekly, but we have to talk about what happened when Jimmy and Chelsea saw each other for the first time.

Later in the episode, Chelsea and Jimmy see each other and hit it off. There's definitely chemistry between them. During the meeting, Jimmy reveals that he almost left the show the morning before they met because it's all been too much, which is definitely a red flag. He chose Chelsea, and she chose him, but she left a great relationship to be with him and now he's having second thoughts and trying to leave? Like, what? This doesn't seem like a great start, especially after Jimmy says in a confessional that she lied to him and said she doesn't look like Megan Fox. Again, what?

Trevor shares an update on the dating timeline in the pods

Trevor shared a big update with US Weekly about the timeline over the final days in the pods. He claims that he had a morning date with Chelsea on the penultimate day in the pods. Then, Jimmy had a night date with Chelsea where he told her he was in love with her. Jimmy, then, had the first date with Chelsea on the last day in the pods. He proposed and Chelsea accepted at that time.

"I talked about this earlier that whoever you had the last date with in the day was fresh in your mind. And the day before, I had an early morning date with Chelsea and then Jimmy was her last date at night and then Jimmy was her morning proposal. So, I do think that kind of played a role in it, but we’ll see."

The timeline matters because Trevor never had another date with Chelsea after Jimmy told her that he was in love with her. When they finally connect, Chelsea is already engaged and not willing to change her mind.

What's next?

When things end in episode 6, Jimmy and Chelsea are working through their relationship at the resort in the Dominican Republic. As we see with all the couples, there's definitely some tension as they try to get to know each other more and interact. There is a very awkward moment when Jimmy makes a comment about AD's body in the sixth episode.

This story is far from over. The season preview, which plays at the end of episode 6, hints there's more drama to come from this relationship. Jess and Jimmy do get to meet, or so it appears. Then, there's the ominous argument clip with Jimmy and Chelsea discussing Jimmy's sexual history. Yikes!

The season preview ends with Trevor and Chelsea talking to each other, so we know they get to meet, too.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens in the next episodes of Love is Blind season 6. New episodes are coming to Netflix every Wednesday throughout the rest of February and into March.

Episode 7-9 will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, Feb. 21.