Love Is Blind season 6 villain of the week goes to... Matthew

Let's discuss the walking red flag that is Matthew and his "America will be watching" spiel.

Love is Blind. Matthew in episode 601 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
Love is Blind. Matthew in episode 601 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024 /

Look, I think, by now, that we all know walking into these reality shows to anticipate a fair amount of editing. Production has their hand in every pot and they know what they're doing when they're filming and decide which pieces will be left behind on the cutting-room floor and what makes the final airing (go rewatch UnREAL).

At this point, anyone signing up for Love Is Blind knows what they're walking into, or at least, I would hope they do. The show has been on the air for five seasons! Yet that doesn't stop people from going onto these reality dating series and acting messy.

I guess they're in denial about their true character or maybe think they'll be the exception to the rule or something. Or, like in the case of Matthew from Love Is Blind season 6, they think they're coming off a charming Clark Kent type when in reality they're giving off more of a Lex Luthor vibe.

Matthew got off on the wrong foot with most of the women right away when he launched into the pods with a notebook and a list of questions. But then he found it weird when the ladies would dare ask him a question back... now I can see why he might not have had good luck with dating apps. It's not until he meets AD that he seems to really have a spark with anyone.

And that comes back into play later when we discover Matthew told sweet AD and another woman, Amber, the same exact things in the pods. Matthew apparently fell for both women and told each one he would leave with them that very day to get the blessing to engage from their respective fathers. What year is it?

America will be watching... you fumble

Anyway, once AD and Amber realize he's playing them, Amber leaves and AD confronts Matthew, which is where things really get interesting.

Rewinding back to Matthew's first conversation with AD, he tells her he's "not looking to become a C-list celebrity" (C-list is being very generous, my dude). Except when things take an ugly turn in the end, Matthew is also the first one to (repeatedly) bring up the fact that he's on television and "America" will be watching all of this play out.

He seems to believe that he's painted himself as an underdog that viewers will root for. Oof. Either he just got a seriously bad edit, was intentionally seeking to play the villain, or lacks self-awareness.

"America, they do love a good underdog, and they do love comebacks. I think I now got the entire country of America on my side."

Matthew, Love Is Blind season 6

Like, seriously...!? Based on the tweets I've been seeing, no one is #TeamMatthew.

Will Matthew show up at the Love Is Blind reunion?

Then he goes on to say he feels bad that he "broke somebody's heart on national TV," in reference to Amber after he learns she left. And repeats "America is going to be watching." AD even calls him out on getting caught up in the "lights, cameras, and action" of it all. I mean he's the one who first brought up that he didn't care about the celebrity factor, but it certainly doesn't look that way to me.

AD and Amber are both better off without that guy, but I'm not gonna lie, I'd love to see them altogether at the reunion and get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what everyone else thinks about Matthew and his behavior in the pods. Also, can we take a brief moment to mention the outright hilarity of the moment Clay found out that Matthew was the other guy AD was talking to? That man was truly shook, taking laps around his pod and everything to process it.

But I kind of have a feeling Matthew is going to pull an Uche and skip the reunion. His Instagram is almost devoid of any Love Is Blind mentions despite every other cast member posting about it, though he did share one (kinda shady) story about not answering any questions (the embedded Instagram post above is what he posted on his Instagram Story and nothing since).

Plus, Matthew isn't shown at all in the preview for the next batch of episodes, so we might never get any closure on this particularly odd situation.

The first six episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 are now on Netflix. New episodes premiere on Wednesdays.