Everything to know about Harlan Coben's next book Think Twice

Harlan Coben has a pretty extensive collection of mystery and thriller novels. We shared everything there is to know about his next book, Think Twice, right here.


When you think of some of the best novelists specializing in the mystery and thriller genre, Harlan Coben should definitely come to mind. He's a #1 New York Times bestselling author who has written and published a series of 36 books. His latest book was the standalone novel I Will Find You, which was released in 2023. Now, he's set to release a new thriller novel that I'm sure everyone is looking forward to called Think Twice. This will be the thirty-seventh book in his amazing collection.

If you're a true fan of Harlan Coben, you're probably already aware of his ongoing creative partnership with Netflix. As part of the deal, Coben works with the streaming giant to adapt his books into English-language and foreign-language limited series, as well as films. So far, seven of his books have been turned into Netflix shows. He also has one show on Netflix that isn't based on any of his books, but instead is original material. So, all in all, there are eight Harlan Coben Netflix shows currently streaming. Additionally, he has several more book-to-television adaptations in the works for Netflix. However, there are no Harlan Coben movies on Netflix yet.

Now, with Think Twice slated to be released soon, we're hoping that it'll be one of his next Netflix television adaptations. With its intriguing premise, we can already think of several actors we'd like to see cast if there were to be a show. Of course, our first pick would be Richard Armitage. He's already starred in three of Coben's shows, so a fourth one won't hurt. But I guess we're getting ahead of ourselves. The Think Twice book hasn't even come out yet. Read along to find out more about Coben's next book.

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Think Twice release date and where to buy

I hope you've saved up your money because Harlan Coben's next book will be coming out very soon. How soon? A couple of months soon! Think Twice is scheduled to be released in the United States on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. You can actually pre-order the book right now in the U.S. through the websites Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Bookshop, Target, or Walmart. But if you're in the United Kingdom, you won't be getting Think Twice until a little over a week later because it's not set to be released until Thursday, May 23, 2024. However, you can pre-order the book through the websites Waterstones or Amazon UK if you're living in the U.K.

We shared how you can buy Think Twice in the U.S. below.





Paperback, Hardcover, eBook

Paperback: $32 + taxes, Hardcover: $21 + taxes, eBook: $15.99 + taxes

Barnes & Noble

Hardcover, Signed Book, eBook

Hardcover: $21 + taxes, Signed book: $30 + taxes, eBook: $15.99 + taxes


Hardcover, Large Print Paperback

Hardcover: $20.58 + taxes, Large Print Paperback: $32 + taxes


Hardcover, Large Print Paperback

Hardcover: $27.90 + taxes, Large Print Paperback: $29.76 + taxes



Hardcover: $21 + taxes



Hardcover: $21 + taxes

When it comes to people living in the U.K., here's how you can buy the Think Twice book.






Hardback: £22.00

Amazon UK

Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Hardcover: £20.24, Paperback: £9.19, eBook:£10.99

What is the Think Twice book about?

Think Twice is the twelfth novel in the Myron Bolitar book series, centering around a former renowned basketball player turned sports agent turned detective named Myron Bolitar. After finding out that a business associate who was supposedly dead is alive and the main suspect in a double homicide, Myron teams up with longtime friend Win to find out the truth. Of course, with any Harlan Coben novel, anytime the protagonist goes searching for answers, they wind up in dangerous territory. The same goes for Myron in Think Twice.

Here's the official book synopsis via Harlan Coben's official website:

"Three years ago, sports agent Myron Bolitar gave a eulogy at the funeral of his client, renowned basketball coach Greg Downing. Myron and Greg had history: initially as deeply personal rivals, and later as unexpected business associates. Myron made peace and moved on – until now, when two federal agents walked into his office, demanding to know where Greg Downing is.

According to the agents, Greg is still alive—and has been placed at the scene of a double homicide, making him their main suspect. Shocked, Myron needs answers.

Myron and Win, longtime friends and colleagues, set out to find the truth, but the more they discover about Greg’s whereabouts, the more dangerous their world becomes. Secrets, lies, and a murderous conspiracy that stretches back into the past churn at the heart of Harlan’s blistering new novel."

Order of the Myron Bolitar novels

  1. Deal Breaker (1995)
  2. Drop Shot (1996)
  3. Fade Away (1996)
  4. Back Spin (1997)
  5. One False Move (1998)
  6. The Final Detail (1999)
  7. Darkest Fear (2000)
  8. Promise Me (2006)
  9. Long Lost (2009)
  10. Live Wire (2011)
  11. Home (2016)
  12. Think Twice (May 14, 2024)

Harlan Coben's Think Twice book is slated to be released on May 14 (U.S.) and May 23 (U.K.). Will you be purchasing his newest book?

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