4 Harlan Coben Netflix shows with the best plot twists, ranked

Harlan Coben's Netflix shows always have a great plot twist and ending
Fool Me Once. Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern and Richard Armitage as Joe Burkett in Fool Me Once. Cr. Matt SquireNetflix © 2023
Fool Me Once. Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern and Richard Armitage as Joe Burkett in Fool Me Once. Cr. Matt SquireNetflix © 2023 /
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So far, eight Harlan Coben Netflix shows have been released, and even more are on the way! Dark crime mysteries are always some of the most popular shows on Netflix when a new series is released. Fans have fallen in love with the familiar themes, great performances, drama, and epic plot twists.

For this ranking, we picked the four Coben's Netflix shows with the best plot twists. Because we're ranking the twists, we did reveal spoilers for those shows! If you haven't seen them, go and watch and then circle back with this ranking.

Let's get the list started with The Stranger, which features the fourth-best twists of Coben's Netflix shows.

4. The Stranger

Ep. 1 - TheStranger-05.04.19-1-07A-32
The Stranger - Richard Armitage and Hannah John-Kamen - Credit: VISHAL SHARMA/Netflix /

Cast: Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran, Jennifer Saunders, Shaun Dooley, Paul Kaye, Dervla Kirwan, Kadiff Kirwan, Jacob Dudman, Ella-Rae Smith, Brandon Fellows, Misha Handley, Anthony Head, Hannah John-Kamen, Stephen Rea, and more

Premise: After a man, Adam, played by Richard Armitage, is confronted by "The Stranger," played by Hannah John-Jamen, at a sports club and information about his wife's pregnancy is revealed, Adam confronts his wife, Corinne, played by Dervla Kirwan, right before she goes missing. Adam tries to find his wife, which leads him on a wild goose chase, as authorities also try to find out what happened to Corinne.

Twist: There are a few big twists and reveals in The Stranger. The main one is the connection between the Stranger, also known as Christine. It's revealed that her mother was having an affair with Adam's father, and that they are half-siblings. That's why she never sought anything in return from him. She was actually trying to help him. Her mother was, then, killed by her husband before Adam's father knew that she, Christine, existed.

But, what happened to Corinnne? Well, Tripp, Adam's friend and neighbor, had stole money and was going to blame everything on Corinne. She tries to confront him, but Tripp kills her. Adam finds out Tripp is lying and takes him to the woods out of town where Tripp admits his crimes before Adam kills him.

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