Entergalactic ending explained: Do Jabari and Meadow end up together?

The wait is finally over. Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic is finally streaming on Netflix and people can’t stop talking about the new Netflix special. I mean, it has an amazing cast, an incredible soundtrack, and tells a beautiful love story of a young couple trying to make it in the city where dreams are made of, New York City. I promise that it’ll instantly grab your attention once you hit play!

Kid Cudi and Kenya Barris teamed up to create this beautifully animated television special for Netflix. It was initially ordered as a television series but later changed to a Netflix special. However, it’s unclear why it was transformed into a special.

It follows a charming young artist named Jabari, who has finally reached success in his career. But after Jabari moves into his dream Manhattan apartment and bumps into his cool, attractive neighbor, Meadow, he’s faced with the dilemma of balancing love and success.

But do Jabari and Meadow end up together? If you already watched the Netflix special, you’d know the answer to this question. And, hopefully, you’ve already watched the entire special because we’re about to discuss some spoilery content.

Spoilers from Entergalactic ahead!

Do Jabari and Meadow get together in Entergalactic?

Yes! Jabari and Meadow do get together. However, they don’t get together right away. The Netflix special begins with Jabari moving into his new dream apartment. After moving in all of his stuff into his new apartment, he goes to get Chinese takeout. While on his way back home, he runs into his ex-girlfriend, Carmen. They flirt for a bit and Carmen suggests they get a drink sometime. Jabari agrees and they part ways.

Back at his apartment, Jabari discusses his run-in with Carmen with his friends, Ky and Jimmy. Ky and Jimmy tell Jabari that getting back together with Carmen is a no-go. He listens but ends up meeting with Carmen for drinks later that night. As he enters the bar, he unknowingly runs into Meadow as he opens the door. Meadow doesn’t notice Jabari either since she’s talking and laughing with her friend.

After a night out drinking, dancing, and just having a good time, Jabari and Carmen end up sleeping together. Jabari wakes up in Carmen’s apartment but is put off when Carmen’s mom asks him to come to a christening. He tells Carmen that he’s not looking for a relationship at the moment since his career is finally taking off. Jabari then offers to be friends and Carmen reluctantly agrees.

Fast forward to another night when Jabari tries to sleep, but he can’t because of a party happening at a neighbor’s house. So, he decides to ask his neighbor to cut the loud music down, not knowing it’s Meadow. When they meet, Jabari is blown away by Meadow’s beauty. They talk for a while before Jabari awkwardly exits the conversation because he’s nervous talking to Meadow. As he leaves Meadow’s house, Meadow and her friends watch him. Meadow tells her friends that her new neighbor is cute. So, it’s obvious there’s an attraction there.

The next morning, Meadow treats Jabari to lunch for having a loud party the night before. As they walk to the restaurant, they get to know one another. They learn even more about each other as they wait for their food. Jabari finds out that Meadow is a photographer and will have her work displayed in a museum soon. Meadow learns that Jabari is the creator of “Mr. Rager” and will have his work turned into a comic. They spend the rest of the day having fun around the city.

Another night they meet again at a party and enjoy themselves before Jabari takes Meadow home on his bike. But now they’re both sexually frustrated because they haven’t slept together yet. After Jabari and Meadow discuss their sexual frustrations with their friends and get their advice, they both decide on what they’re going to do. As Meadow is about to knock on Jabari’s door, Jabari opens the door. They kiss and then go into Jabari’s apartment, where they sleep together. After they sleep together, Jabari and Meadow begin hanging out more, even with each other’s friends.

Do Jabari and Meadow end up together in Entergalactic?

Yes, but they must overcome an obstacle before ending up together. Everything was looking good for the young couple until Meadow found suspicious texts on Jabari’s phone. Carmen sends Jabari a photo of herself in his hoodie with two messages reading, “You left this here yesterday…” “Some things always fit.” This leads Meadow to believe that Jabari is cheating when really he’s not. It’s all a misunderstanding. Jabari accidentally left his hoodie at Carmen’s house when he came over to help catch a rat. Carmen didn’t know Jabari was seeing anyone and wanted to get back with him, so she sent him flirtatious messages. But Meadow didn’t know this, so she started ignoring him.

Later, Jabari goes to talk to Carmen to break things off for good. He then visits Meadow to apologize for everything, but Meadow tells Jabari that maybe they should take a break. Then, Jabari and Meadow both start really focusing on their careers but still can’t help thinking about each other. After Jabari talks to his sister about Meadow and Meadow talks to Karina about Jabari, they both realize want they want, which is each other. On the night of Meadow’s big event, Jabari shows up and Meadow notices him. But after finishing her speech, she sees Jabari left.

When Meadow walks outside, she sees Jabari’s artwork on a billboard. The billboard is about the vegan burger they ate earlier in the Netflix special. Meadow realizes that Jabari is trying to tell her to meet him at the restaurant where they had their unofficial first date. Meadow nervously walks into the restaurant hoping that Jabari will show up. Then, she hears his voice and turns around to see him standing there with a smile on his face. They run to each other and then share a passionate kiss.

Is Stush a real dating app from Entergalactic?

No. Stush is not a real dating app. It was made up for the television special. However, I will say that the creative team behind the special did a great job because Stush looks similar to a real dating app such as Tinder.

Entergalactic is available to stream only on Netflix.