3 best Dynasty characters (that aren’t just Fallon Carrington)

Dynasty -- "That Wicked Stepmother" -- Image Number: DYN314a_0207b.jpg -- Pictured: Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon -- Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
Dynasty -- "That Wicked Stepmother" -- Image Number: DYN314a_0207b.jpg -- Pictured: Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon -- Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

Dynasty might be one of the most underrated shows on The CW, shows on Netflix, and just shows in general. Jumping off of that, Liz Gillies has been giving a hands-down deeply underrated performance as one of the most iconic Dynasty characters for a new generation.

As much as we love Liz Gillies (seriously, we love her so much) and Fallon Carrington, Dynasty at its core is an ensemble drama with an extensive cast full of larger-than-life characters and performances that keep fans hooked on every single word.

We can, could, and will sing the praises of Gillies and the indestructible Fallon Carrington on another occasion, but before Dynasty season 5 premieres on The CW, it’s time to lift up more of our Dynasty favorites at Carrington manor.

Best Dynasty characters

Even though Fallon’s our favorite character until the bitter end, these are three Dynasty characters we also love watching, beginning below with the intriguing Amanda Carrington.


In true


fashion, a new long-lost Carrington sibling entered the fold in season 4 and quickly became an integral character on the series.

Eliza Bennett plays Amanda Carrington

, the daughter of Alexis and her yoga instructor, who had been left in London to be raised by a different family.

Of course, we later learn that Amanda’s actually Blake’s biological daughter, which shifted the power dynamics between Fallon and Adam. Thankfully, Amanda seemingly aligned with Fallon, in spite of their rocky start, and realized the evil seeping beneath Adam’s surface.

It’s difficult for an established series to introduce a new main character with such deep roots in the story so late in the game, but Bennett came aboard the cast as if she’d been there since day one. There’s so much potential for Amanda, and we can’t wait to see where Dynasty takes her.

Sammy Jo

Who doesn’t love Sammy Jo? Rafael de la Fuente has been on board as the lovable Sammy Jo Carrington, a nod to the character played by Heather Locklear in the original series, since the first season.

While the character began as the nephew of Blake’s deceased wife Cristal (the first Cristal otherwise known as Celia, played by the lovely Nathalie Kelley), Sam quickly became a key member of the Carrington family when he married Steven (James Mackay) and became Fallon’s closest confidante.

These days, some of Sammy Jo’s storylines are better than others, but he’s still one of the best and most beloved Dynasty characters. There’s nothing we want to see more for Sam than a grand love story (maybe even with Steven) and a happy ending. It’s what he deserves.


One of the most underserved Dynasty characters on the entire reboot series is Monica Colby, played by the talented Wakeema Hollis. As the sister of Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke) and the daughter of Dominique Deveraux (Michael Michele), she’s engrained in the DNA of the series.

Unfortunately, Monica has only ever appeared in a recurring capacity since the first season. It’s strange that Hollis hasn’t been upgraded to a main character, when Monica more than has the ability to hold her own against the dueling families.

Not to mention, since The CW has an affinity for spinning off its series, it’s a wonder that a reboot of The Colbys, the spin-off of the original Dynasty, hasn’t been discussed. Monica could carry a spin-off on her own, since she spends so much time off-screen anyway. Make it happen!

Who are your favorite Dynasty characters? Share your picks in the comments!

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