Love is Blind season 2: Why did Shaina call off her engagement to Kyle?

Love Is Blind. (L to R) Kyle Abrams, Shaina Hurley in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022
Love Is Blind. (L to R) Kyle Abrams, Shaina Hurley in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022 /

The second batch of episodes of Love is Blind season 2 has arrived on Netflix, and fans are reeling with excitement over everything that occurred. What really surprised fans was Shaina’s decision to call off her engagement to Kyle. What was her reasoning?

In the new episodes, the engaged couples start moving in and meeting each other’s families. By moving in, the couples got to learn each other’s habits and get a taste of what living together would be like in real life. Fortunately, there were no huge dealbreakers, and each couple could figure out how to cohabitate. But, on the other hand, meeting family was a very nerve-racking experience for many of the pairs.

Unfortunately, meeting the parents for one couple helped one partner realize that she was making a huge mistake. So why did Shaina call off her engagement to Kyle? If you want to know all the juicy details, continue reading. But if you wish to remain spoiler-free, here’s your chance to say sayonara.

There are major spoilers for Love is Blind season 2 ahead!

Why did Shaina break up with Kyle in Love is Blind season 2?

Honestly, were we really shocked by Shaina’s decision to call off her engagement to Kyle? Absolutely not! Ever since that day in the pods when Kyle mentioned that he was an atheist, Shaina was completely turned off. It was written all over her face.

Shaina has strong religious beliefs and was uncertain that she and Kyle could make their relationship work. Kyle was willing to compromise, though. The couple ends up getting engaged, but things are still really rocky after leaving the pods. I mean, Shaina left the couple’s resort early because she still had strong feelings for Shayne. But then tells Kyle later that she’s just scared that their relationship won’t work due to their huge differences. The viewers know that Shaina’s real reason is that she wants to be with Shayne, not because of their different views on religion. Even after that conversation, the couple still tries to make things work.

But after Kyle meets Shaina’s family, she makes her decision and calls off the engagement. She tells Kyle that she can’t marry him because she needs a husband who has the same faith as her. Kyle was confused because he thought he and Shaina had already worked through this problem. Shaina tells Kyle that she had been avoiding the issue because she knew that they would end up breaking up. At this moment, Kyle realizes that Shaina never really wanted him and has led him on the whole time. Shaina gives the engagement ring back to Kyle and they part ways.

As Shaina walks away, she reveals to viewers that she was basically using Kyle once again. She says that she can’t stop thinking about her attraction to Shayne. Honestly, Shaina needs to let it go and find someone else. Shayne is obviously happy with Natalie.

It’s evident that Shaina had no intentions to marry Kyle, and it’s really heartbreaking for him. Kyle wasted his time on Shaina when he could’ve been focusing on other women. But it’s partially Kyle’s fault since he didn’t keep his options open while in the pods.

Is this last we’ll see of Shaina and Kyle? Find out when the season finale of Love is Blind season 2 premieres on Netflix on Feb. 25!

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