Love is Blind season 2’s Shaina Hurley age, Instagram, job, and more

Love Is Blind S2. Shaina Hurley in Love Is Blind S2. Cr. Ser Baffo/Netflix © 2022
Love Is Blind S2. Shaina Hurley in Love Is Blind S2. Cr. Ser Baffo/Netflix © 2022 /

Love is Blind season 2 will be released on Netflix on Feb. 11, and we’re getting to know every hopeful romantic this season. First up on the list is Shaina Hurley. Will she make a love connection this season?

Last season of Love is Blind, we met a group of singles hoping to find love, and for some, that was the case. But for others, there was a bunch of drama and tears. Now in season 2, we’re about to meet a new batch of men and women taking part in an experiment to test if love is truly blind.

Fingers crossed, Shaina Hurley is one of the fortunate contestants to find her perfect match and ride off into the sunset. But before you see her in Love is Blind season 2, we want to share all the juicy deets about her, such as her age, social media accounts, and occupation.

Continue reading to get to know Love is Blind season 2 cast member Shaina Hurley.

Love is Blind season 2 - Shaina Hurley
Love Is Blind. Shaina Hurley in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

Shaina Hurley age

Shaina is currently 32 years old from Chicago, Illinois. According to her introduction reel, she loves honest people and looks for this moral virtue in a person she’s dating.

Shaina Hurley Instagram

Of course, a woman as stunning as Shaina would have an Instagram. She has to show off her beautiful features in some way. If you want to see more into her personal life, like pictures and videos of her traveling and photos of her and friends, you should go ahead and follow her @shaina.hurley on Instagram.

Take a look at this striking photo of Shaina below!

Currently, she has a little over 2.6k followers, and this number is expected to grow very quickly when viewers get the chance to see her in Love is Blind season 2.

Shaina Hurley job

When the season 2 cast was announced, it was revealed that Shaina’s occupation was a hairstylist. This makes sense because her hair looks runway-ready, silky, and voluminous. Sign me up!

We can’t wait to see Shaina (hopefully) find love in Love is Blind season 2. We’ll definitely be rooting for her.

You can catch Shaina Hurley on Love is Blind season 2 streaming on Netflix starting Feb. 11!

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