Love is Blind season 2: Who gets engaged?

Love Is Blind. (L to R) Caitlin McKee, Trisha Frame, Danielle Ruhl, Natalie Lee, Deepti Vempati, Juhie Faheem, Mallory Zapata in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022
Love Is Blind. (L to R) Caitlin McKee, Trisha Frame, Danielle Ruhl, Natalie Lee, Deepti Vempati, Juhie Faheem, Mallory Zapata in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022 /

Our favorite reality TV obsession, Love is Blind season 2, has finally arrived on Netflix and viewers can’t stop talking about the contestants who get engaged in the first half of the season. While some pairings we saw coming, others just didn’t make sense.

We start season 2 with a new group of singles getting to know each other inside the pods. They can talk to each other but not see each other. The point is for each contestant to build meaningful connections based on personality rather than looks. Once connections are made, the men can propose to the woman they want to marry. After the emotional proposals and in-person meetings, the couples go on vacation to a couple’s retreat where relationships are put to the test.

So, who left the pods as fiancé and fiancée? Now is your time to turn away if you want to remain spoiler-free because we’re about to discuss which couples get engaged in Love is Blind season 2.

We share the engaged couples down below!

WARNING: Major spoilers from Love is Blind season 2 ahead!

Do Danielle and Nick get engaged in Love is Blind season 2?

Yes! Danielle and Nick was actually the first couple to get engaged and leave the pod. They had a genuine connection from the start and were open with each other about their pasts, insecurities, and what they were looking for in a partner.

Danielle and Nick weren’t afraid to be vulnerable with each other, which is really important when building a relationship. Their conversations flowed easily and never seemed forced. They were each others’ number one pick, and they never strayed away from their connection.

I definitely saw this proposal coming!

Do Deepti and Abhishek get engaged in Love is Blind season 2?

Surprisingly, they get engaged. I did not see this pairing coming because Deepti and Abhishek’s first conversation went horribly. After Abhishek makes an inappropriate comment, Deepti seems completely turned off. Also, their dating histories only involved dating outside their race. So this pairing just didn’t make sense initially.

However, Deepti mentions that she and Abhishek share similar mindsets and life experiences, so there’s a bond. She didn’t want to give up on her connection with Abhishek just yet, so she decided to continue seeing where things could go.

They have their breakthrough moment when Deepti confesses that she was overweight in the past. Her confession causes Abhishek to see his faults, and he begins to open up to Deepti about his past body image issues. They start talking more and getting to know each other better from then on.

Abhishek’s proposal was one of the sweetest proposals this season, and when they finally got to see each other, they were overcome with joy. It’s unclear if they will make it to the end and actually get married, though.

Do Shaina and Shayne get engaged?

Shaina and Shayne do not get engaged. When the singles first started mingling, Shaina and Shayne had an instant connection, but Shayne had already connected with Natalie. This put him in a tough spot because he couldn’t decide who he wanted to be with.

Shaina also formed a bond with Kyle, but it just wasn’t as strong as her bond with Shayne. Things between Shaina and Shayne go south when Shaina finds out that Shayne asked Natalie to be his girlfriend. They end things right then and there, and Shaina begins focusing more on Kyle.

But, Kyle blindsides Shaina with a proposal…

Do Shaina and Kyle get engaged?

Yes, Shaina and Kyle get engaged, but their engagement is shocking. When Shaina and Kyle first started talking, they enjoyed each other’s company and were open with each other. But once they began to have deeper conversations, they realized they were polar opposites.

This caused Shaina to rethink a future with Kyle, but Kyle was able to look past their extreme differences and proposed. Shaina reluctantly accepts the proposal, and the two become engaged.

But Shaina shakes things up when she meets up with Shayne after the proposal and finally reveals her true feelings to him. She basically pulled a Jessica move from Love is Blind season 1, and this scene had me yelling at my screen.

It was unfair of Shaina to put Shayne in an uncomfortable position when she was the one who wouldn’t open up and tell him how she felt. Honestly, she could’ve kept those feelings buried because it was just a little too late.

Do Natalie and Shayne get engaged?

After Shayne rejects Shaina, he makes his way to Natalie and proposes. Shayne had been going back and forth between Shaina and Natalie and liked them both for different reasons. Could Shayne have proposed to Shaina instead of Natalie? Yes, because he had deep feelings for her, but Shaina’s inability to be vulnerable messed things up between them.

I was team Natalie and Shayne until they met for the first time. When they finally met face-to-face, I could tell something was off. Shayne seemed like he was more into Natalie than she was into him. Once they make it to the couples retreat, we see them work through their problems.

Do Mallory and Salvador get engaged in Love is Blind season 2?

Mallory and Salvador do get engaged. This was another shocking proposal, in my opinion. There were two guys that Mallory was interested in: Jarrette and Salvador. But it seemed like Mallory had a deeper connection with Jarrette based on their conversations.

I was completely flabbergasted when Mallory rejected Jarrette’s proposal. It was heart-wrenching to see Jarrette so heartbroken. I’m not saying Mallory didn’t have a genuine connection with Salvador, but there just weren’t enough scenes showing Mallory and Salvador bonding. Maybe some of their scenes got cut.

Do Iyanna and Jarrette get engaged in Love is Blind season 2?

YES! I was rooting for them to get together but was let down when Jarrette proposed to Mallory. Jarrette had strong feelings for Iyanna and Mallory, but something about Mallory made her stand out in Jarrette’s eyes.

After Mallory rejects Jarrette’s proposal, he meets up with Iyanna and tells her about the failed proposal. He lets her know that he still has feelings for her and is willing to be with her if she accepts. This hurts Iyanna and makes her second guess if there could be a future for them. Needing time to think, Iyanna leaves the pod.

After clearing her head, she meets up with Jarrette to tell him how she feels about everything, but Jarrette surprises her by proposing. Iyanna is hesitant at first, but after reassurance from Jarrette, she accepts his proposal.

So there you have it, folks! Six couples get engaged in Love is Blind season 2. Relationships were definitely put to the test at the couple’s retreat, so I wonder who will actually walk down the aisle in the final episode.

What did you think about the pairings? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, continue streaming Love is Blind season 2 and get ready for the next batch of episodes to drop on Netflix on Feb. 18!

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