Why did Shaina go home on Love is Blind season 2?

The first batch of episodes of Love is Blind season 2 have dropped on Netflix, and fans of the reality series were excited to see a new group of hopeful romantics try to find love.

Like the first season, we got to see the contestants get to know each other from their pods through a series of intimate conversations without actually laying eyes on each other. Once a genuine connection is made, the couple gets engaged, sees each other for the first time, and heads to a couples retreat.

While some engaged couples left the pods happily in love, others left on uncertain terms. All the drama unfolds at the couple’s retreat, and it causes one of the cast members to go home early, leaving their partner by themselves at the retreat.

So why did Shaina go home? We answer this burning question right below!

Spoilers ahead from Love is Blind season 2!

Why did Shaina go home on Love is Blind season 2?

Shaina left the couple’s retreat because she couldn’t stop thinking about Shayne. This was really selfish of her to do because she didn’t even tell her fiancé, Kyle. Instead, she just leaves in the middle of the night.

Shaina leaving the retreat wasn’t shocking because her relationship with Kyle was already rocky before the retreat. Once Shaina realized that she and Kyle were just too different and held different beliefs, she basically checked out of the relationship. Also, she had deeper feelings for Shayne, but they didn’t work out because she wouldn’t open up and tell him how she felt.

In my opinion, Shaina was using Kyle. Since she couldn’t be with her first choice, which was Shayne, she moved on to her second choice. Even if Shaina had stayed at the retreat with Kyle, problems would’ve eventually surfaced because of her feelings for Shayne.

We still have five episodes left of Love is Blind season 2, so maybe Shaina and Kyle will be able to work things out and get married at the end. But based on how things are looking now, it looks like someone will be left at the altar.

Make sure to check out the next batch of episodes of Love is Blind season 2 coming to Netflix on Feb. 18!