Manifest season 4 spoilers: Josh Dallas teases Ben isn’t in a ‘great place’

MANIFEST -- "Deadhead" Episode 302 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: NBC)
MANIFEST -- "Deadhead" Episode 302 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: NBC) /

As Manifest season 4 gets deeper into production, more and more details are emerging from set. We already know the exciting news Matt Long shared in his Instagram comments, but now Josh Dallas is giving fans a little taste of what’s next for Ben Stone in Manifest.

If you’re caught up and ready for Manifest season 4, then you know Ben Stone’s in for some world-shattering changes in the final season. Without giving away any spoilers until after the break, our guy will definitely be going through it in more ways than one.

While giving Manifesters a first look at Ben’s new look in the upcoming season, which is coming to Netflix in 2022, his physical appearance seems to mirror his emotional state for the latest episodes. Check out Josh Dallas’ tease and what it means for Ben in season 4 below.

Warning: MAJOR spoilers for Manifest ahead!

Manifest season 4 spoilers

We’re used to Ben Stone having a great head of hair, but in season 4, he’s rocking a matching beard, too. Of course, Ben will be mourning the death of his wife, Grace, who was killed in the season 3 finale (allegedly by Angelina, though we’ll see the truth soon).

Not to mention, Ben had previously been mired in the stress of Cal’s disappearance. Surely, Cal’s return, which comes with its own set of drastic changes, has Ben feeling all kinds of emotions, leading to his (pretty impressive) grief beard.

After fans took notice of Ben’s new season 4 look in the photo shared on Twitter, some wondered if Ben’s signature wavy locks were even longer than in season 3. However, Dallas noted that his hair is the same length as season 3.

Another comment from a fan sparked perhaps the biggest spoiler yet for Ben’s upcoming arc in the final season. In expressing their empathy for what Ben’s going through, Dallas noted that his character is “not in a great place.”

Obviously, we were expecting Ben to have a deeply broken heart in Manifest season 4 after the tragic loss of Grace. But this could mean any number of things for him going forward in the hunt to bring the saga of Flight 828 to an official close.

We wouldn’t be surprised of Ben got even more desperate and reckless in his pursuit of the truth. From past episodes, we know he’s willing to do anything to protect his family and the passengers, no matter what it takes. Could he go even further than before?

Also, considering he would do anything to protect his family, he must be feeling great guilt about Grace’s death. Now that Cal is back and seems to know why his mother had to die, maybe Ben will find acceptance somewhere down the line in season 4.

What do you think is next for Ben in Manifest season 4? Share your predictions in the comments!

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