Manifest season 3 ending explained: Who dies in the season 3 finale?

MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 2" Episode 313 -- Pictured: (l-r) J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vazquez, Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)
MANIFEST -- "MAYDAY PART: 2" Episode 313 -- Pictured: (l-r) J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vazquez, Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC) /

Thankfully, Manifest season 3 has finally come to Netflix, bringing the latest thrilling season of the fan-favorite drama to a wider range of new Manifesters.

But with a new season streaming on Netflix, tons of new questions open up about what’s going on in the world of Flight 828. Manifest season 3 doesn’t take its foot off the gas for one second from beginning to end, and it’s that ending that still has our heads spinning.

The third season picks up in the aftermath of the discovery of the tailfin, with Ben and Vance tracking down the integral and mysterious part of the plane that changed their lives forever. Suddenly, the mythology and rules expand as the stakes only get higher.

Without giving anything away before the spoiler warning, who appears to not be making it to Manifest season 4, and who’s now an enemy to the lifeboat? Here’s the season 3 ending explained, leaving no stone (pun intended) unturned.

Warning: Major spoilers from the Manifest season 3 finale ahead!

Does Angelina kill Grace in Manifest season 3?

For the latter half of the third season, the seemingly innocent Angelina (Holly Taylor) took a turn for the untrustworthy. The lost passenger had nowhere to go and no one to call family, which prompted the Stones to take her in. But she soon takes advantage of their kindness.

Angelina starts to borrow Olive‘s clothes, dyes her hair darker to match Olive’s and believes Eden is her “guardian angel.” After Grace kicks her out in the wake of starting a fire in Eden’s room, Angelina becomes radicalized by disillusioned 828 passengers Adrian and Eagan, further threatening the lifeboat.

On some bad advice from Adrian, Angelina returns to the Stone house to retrieve her guardian angel. She locks Olive in the basement, kidnaps Eden and appears to have fatally stabbed Grace in the process. (We’re keeping out fingers crossed for a twist!) Grace’s final breath happens during her reunion with Cal.

How old is Cal now in Manifest season 3?

However, Grace and Cal’s tragic reunion doesn’t occur without its own boundless barrage of questions. After touching the tailfin at Eureka, Cal vanished into thin air. Ben and Saanvi believed returning the tailfin to the ocean would bring him back, but the tailfin merely disappears underwater.

While Ben and Saanvi aren’t yet privy to Cal’s return, he does mysteriously come back to the Stone house at the episode’s end. He grabs his dragon from his closet and puts it under his mother’s head as she dies. When we finally see Cal from Grace’s perspective, he’s clearly many years older than when we last saw him.

Obviously, we don’t know what happened to Cal, where he went or why he has aged so many years. Is he now the same age as Olive again? Is he aware of the passage of time? What brought him back? Does he really know what needs to happen? So. Many. Questions!

What happens to the plane in Manifest season 3?

Don’t think Manifest would just leave us with Grace’s death and Cal’s return and call it a season. No, season 3 ends with one more bang back at Eureka. As Dr. Gupta leaves the facility, she notices Captain Daly has reappeared in the cockpit of the pieced-together plane.

However, as quickly as he reappears, he and the remains of the plane disappear before Dr. Gupta’s eyes. The captain had previously been presumed dead, though you can never be too sure of someone’s fate on Manifest. Needless to say, his latest vanishing act is puzzling.

What do you think could happen next on Manifest? Do you think Grace is actually dead? Share your thoughts and predictions post-season 3 in the comments, and be sure to keep watching all three seasons on Netflix!

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