Manifest season 4: Matt Long teases exciting release date updates

As Manifest season 4 continues to get deeper into production, we’ll be watching the entire process like a hawk, hoping to obtain any bit of details, hints, and teases that we can. Thankfully, Matt Long’s Instagram comments are the gift that keep on giving.

The actor otherwise know as Zeke returns to Manifest in a regular capacity for the final season, after previously being attached to another pilot that would have taken up most of his time. He will now be in a “majority” of the episodes, and he’s supplying fans with tea along the way.

Ever since Netflix saved Manifest season 4 for a whopping 20-episode last hurrah, we have been wondering how many episodes the streamer would release at a time. Netflix has kept us waiting, but in the early days of filming, Matt Long appears to have answered the question.

Not to mention, the Tom Holland of Manifest (and we say that lovingly) also gave us our most promising glimpse at a potential release date for season 4. When is Manifest season 4 flying into our watch lists and with how many episodes?

Manifest season 4 released in two parts

According to Long’s response to a question in his comments, the 20-episode final season will be released in two parts. The season will be split in half with two 10-episode parts being released at a time, just like Netflix has done with series in the past.

Prior to this seeming confirmation of two parts, Netflix had only mentioned season 4 would be released in “batches” that had yet to be determined. While things could always change, it appears Manifest will have two 10-episode batches on Netflix.

Manifest season 4 release date rumors

Long didn’t just stop at sharing that detail about the upcoming release. The Zeke actor also answered a fan’s question about when the final season would start streaming on Netflix, and he seemed to confirm our leading prediction for season 4’s release date.

According to Long, the season could be released “likely fall/winter 2022 for the first 10 episodes.” However, he was quick to preface the prediction with “not sure yet,” as release dates can shift depending on the status of production and other factors.

Still, coming from one of the stars of the series, it’s looking like a late 2022 release date is on the table, and Manifesters should prepare themselves for a lengthy wait. Not to mention, that means the second half won’t premiere until 2023. Something to look forward to!

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