Money Heist season 6 isn't happening, but there's more from the crime drama universe

Money Heist season 5 - Credit: Netflix
Money Heist season 5 - Credit: Netflix /

When the Netflix original series Money Heist premiered back in 2019 after initially debuting in 2017, it quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular and most watched shows. The series ultimately ran for three total seasons that were each split into two parts, ending with the second half of part 5 in December 2021. Ever since then, fans have still been wondering about Money Heist season 6.

Unfortunately, a sixth season of the hit Netflix original Spanish series isn't happening. Back in July 2020, Netflix renewed the series for its fifth part, which was also indicated to be the last of the series. Considering the series had originally been intended to be a limited series, it's worth celebrating that fans ultimately ended up getting as many episodes as we did.

Because Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, grew into one of Netflix's most successful shows of all time, it's a wonder why the show ended when it did. Some shows seem to live on and on past their prime. But the creative forces behind the show were wary of overstaying their welcome and no longer making a beloved product.

As creator Álex Pina shared with The Indian Express back in June 2021:

"We've made over 2,000 minutes of fiction with two heists. I think we've exhausted some of the characters' emotional arcs and their arcs of transformation. We've told a lot and I think it's a good time to stop. It's a very climatic season and I think it's always better to leave sooner rather than later."

Álex Pina, creator

One of the show's directors and executive producers Jesús Colmenar echoed Pina's sentiment about ending the series

"We have many examples in international fiction of series that we think dragged on too long. And I think the smartest thing to do when a series is at the peak of its success, as Álex says, is to leave with a bang and make a season that is very special in many ways."

Jesús Colmenar, executive producer

Of course, that's not to say that deciding to end a series is an easy decision in the slightest. Pina told Esquire that in crafting the perfect ending for the series, he rewrote the end over 30 times to make sure it was right and satisfying for fans. Obviously, season 6 would have been welcomed with open arms and just as successful as the rest of the series, but knowing when to land the plane and taking extra care in doing so for the sake of the fans is admirable.


Money Heist lives on in spinoffs

If you're looking for even more Money Heist on Netflix, you could and should rewatch the original series because it still hits the same even in a rewatch. But the series has also launched a franchise of successful series on Netflix that are still attracting viewers.

In June 2022, Netflix debuted the South Korean remake of the series called Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. The series, which consists of 12 total episodes, was released in two part that each contained six episodes. Upon release, the remake was a hit in both viewership and critical reception, holding a 73% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Most recently, the prequel spinoff Berlin joined the franchise. Netflix premiered the eight-episode first season of Money Heist: Berlin in December 2023, and despite mixed critical reception, the series connected with audiences and was renewed for a second season by February 2024. Thankfully, fans will be able to continue to immerse themselves in the world of Money Heist in Berlin season 2.

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