The Circle season 3: Are Kai and Calvin from The Circle dating?

The Circle: Season 3. Pictured: Calvin. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
The Circle: Season 3. Pictured: Calvin. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

When it comes to The Circle, you never quite know what types of connections might form between contestants over the course of the season.

Over the course of The Circle season 3, we saw friendships form, battle lines drawn and sparks flying with a few romantic pairings emerging during the season. While some flirtations were nothing more than gameplay as was the case for catfish Sophia and Nick, others were much more genuine.

We’re, of course, referring to the romantic sparks that seemed to fly between Calvin and Kai, who formed a strong connection during the show’s third season. Calvin was never afraid to show budding feelings for Kai in The Circle, and it was actually his connection to Kai that led to his blocking from the game with his fellow players recognizing the connection between Calvin and Kai as a threat to their gameplay.

While there were definitely sparks flying during the season, those sparks don’t always translate to real-life relationships as we’ve seen in the past. Were Calvin and Kai the exception to the rule or did the flames of their budding romance extinguish as soon as the season wrapped?

Are Kai and Calvin from The Circle season 3 dating in real life?

Although Kai and Calvin seemed to engage in some flirtation during their time in The Circle, the pair are not dating in real life. In fact, the pair never even went on a date after the show wrapped production!

As Kai revealed following the season 3 finale, she and Calvin have not gone on a date and the pair seem to have no plans on pursuing a romantic relationship. However, the pair did form a strong connection during the season and remain really good friends — as evident by their banter in the comments of one another’s posts on Instagram.

So it seems the love connection fans spotted during season 3 was only a bit of flirting as the pair are not dating in real life, though we can’t blame fans for shipping the duo as they were definitely #CoupleGoals in The Circle!

The Circle season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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