The Circle season 3’s Kai Ghost age, Instagram, height, TikTok, job, and more

The Circle season 3 - Credit: Netflix
The Circle season 3 - Credit: Netflix /

The wait is almost over for The Circle season 3, and we’re ready to see what this season will bring! Of course, we know there’s bound to be drama, but who’s going to be the most popular influencer, and who’s a catfish? We’ll find out when the new season of the Netflix original releases on Netflix on Sept. 8.

We should probably get to know our cast members a little better to prepare us for this upcoming season. So, let’s start with the cast member with the most unique name, Kai Ghost.

With a last name like that, she’s making us think she’s a catfish. But no, it’s just her last name. A cool one at that! We’re curious to know what her strategy will be to win the competition.

Will she build an alliance with one player, or will she play the field and make friends with multiple people to secure her spot as top influencer and win the $100,000 dollars? We won’t know until the new season drops, but we do have some background information on Ghost that we’d like to share.

The Circle season 3’s Kai Ghost age

Kai Ghost’s birthdate isn’t known, but we can confirm that she’s 28 and an Aquarius, which means she was born sometime between January 20 and February 18. When The Circle season 3 premieres, we’ll know more about the cast member.

The Circle season 3’s Kai Ghost Instagram

You can find Kai Ghost on Instagram @kaighost. She has 10.2k followers and 21 posts. Her posts all seem to be cheerful and inspirational. For example, one of her motivating posts reads, “You are the artist of your own life…don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else!” Now, does that sound like a catfish to you?

We don’t know what to think about Ghost when it comes to the competition, but we will say, based on her photos, that she’s a ray of sunshine. We hope she brings this same cheerfulness to the competition.

She also has a Twitter account and can be found at @_KaiGhost.

The Circle season 3’s Kai Ghost height

Ghost’s height remains obscure. However, Celebhook reported that she looks to be a little over 5 feet and 8 inches based on her Instagram photos. After we took a look at her photos, she does appear to be this height.

More information about Kai will hopefully be released when the TV show releases its third season, and we’ll definitely share everything we’ve found.

The Circle season 3’s Kai Ghost TikTok

If you want to see Kai’s dance videos, funny posts, and her singing, head on over to Kai’s TikTok account @kaighost. Currently, she only has five posts, but we expect more when The Circle season 3 comes out.

The Circle season 3’s Kai Ghost job

You’ve probably checked out Ghost’s social media accounts by now and seen that she likes to post videos of her singing. This is because Kai Ghost is a singer and songwriter. She has such a beautiful singing voice. With the exposure that she will get from being a contestant on The Circle, she’s bound to make it big.

We can’t wait to see what Kai will bring to The Circle season 3. Hopefully, she becomes our new favorite player, but we shall see. Be sure to catch The Circle season 3 on Netflix on Sept. 8!

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