The Circle season 3 spoilers: What were the final rankings of season 3?

THE CIRCLE James in season 3 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021
THE CIRCLE James in season 3 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021 /

And just like that The Circle season 3 has reached its end. After an eventful season, The Circle‘s third season came to a close on Sept. 29 with the release of the season 3 finale which tasked the finalists with ranking their fellow contestants one last time before a winner was crowned.

Of course, in addition to making their final rankings in voting for a winner, the finale also gave the players the chance to finally meet face-to-face for the first time after communicating only through their Circle chats.

As you can expect, the finalists were definitely surprised to see two of their fellow players were catfish which led to some hilarious reactions — particularly from Nick, who somehow managed to end up in an alliance filled with catfish.

But enough with the small talk, let’s get into the spoilers you’ve come here for today: the final rankings of the season!

ALERT!  The Circle season 3 finale spoilers are ahead. If you haven’t yet checked out the finale and are hoping to avoid any spoilers, now might be a good time for your to exit Circle Chat and come back once you’ve finished the finale.

The Circle season 3 finale spoilers

Heading into the finale, there was no denying Nick and James were considered favorites to win having secured the title of influencer several times across the game — including in the final two blockings of the season.

In an earlier season, Nick likely would have run away with the win but this season’s finale rankings saw the contestants getting more strategic which landed Nick at the bottom of the rankings in fifth place. One-time frontrunner Kai then came in fourth, again showcasing the strategic nature of the finale rankings in the players looking to rank players they viewed as threats lower in the rankings.

Finishing in the middle of the pack was Isabella aka Sophia, who placed third, which left James and Ashley aka Matthew vying for the top spot.

In the end, it was James who edged Ashley aka Matthew to walk away as the winner of The Circle season 3.

The Circle season 3 finale rankings

  • First Place: James
  • Second Place: Ashley aka Matthew
  • Third Place: Isabella aka Sophia
  • Fourth Place: Kai
  • Fifth Place: Nick

The Circle season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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