The Circle season 3: Are Nick and Rachel from The Circle dating?

The Circle season 3 - Credit: Netflix
The Circle season 3 - Credit: Netflix /

The Circle might not be a dating series, but that doesn’t mean sparks don’t fly between the series contestants each season! While some use flirting as part of their game, other times connections form more genuinely… even when one party is pretending to be someone else.

This was the case in The Circle season 3 as catfish Rachel, who entered the game as her best friend’s boyfriend Jackson but found herself falling for her alliance member Nick.

Of course, in playing as Jackson, Rachel couldn’t make her feelings known to Nick during the game; however, upon being eliminated, she made definitely took the chance to shoot her shot in expressing her interest in Nick.

Nick and Rachel may have gotten flirty on the show, but are they dating in real life?

Are Nick and Rachel from The Circle season 3 dating in real life?

Currently, it is unclear whether Nick and Rachel have decided to explore a romantic relationship after filming wrapped on The Circle season 3 but the pair definitely have helped fan the flames on social media.

While the pair following one another on social media is far from unusual as the cast all follow one another, both Nick and Rachel haven’t been shy in getting a bit flirty with their replies to one another on the likes of Instagram.

“I love this man……. And I HAVE to have him,” Rachel wrote in the comments of a post on the official Circle Instagram account posted just hours before the finale in reference to their flirty encounter after she was blocked from the game. And that’s just one example of the many flirty comments and emojis the two have exchanged since the season premiered.

Although neither has confirmed their relationship status, there definitely seems to be sparks flying between the pair and it will be interesting to see if they confirm their relationship status once the season finale has dropped — perhaps in a reunion special, should Netflix air one this season.

The Circle season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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