How we can use Dark Phoenix to predict the Stranger Things ending

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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4. Sacrifices herself to save her friends

The Dark Phoenix Saga had a very Shakespearian feel to it. There was love, despair, and, eventually, tragedy. At the end of the story, the Phoenix Force sacrificed itself. The X-Men and the Shi-ar were lucky. If not for that, there was nothing that could have stopped the Phoenix from becoming the destructive being that we know it could be.

How does this connect to Stranger Things?

As it was mentioned earlier, it wasn’t Jean Grey wasn’t the vessel during the Dark Phoenix Saga. She was in suspended animation at the bottom of a body of water. Jean had better control of the Phoenix when she came back. This won’t be the case. If Eleven dies in the show, it will actually be her who perishes. She’s had some close calls in the past, but her luck may run out while she’s protecting her friends.

You can’t have a season 5 of Stranger Things without Eleven. Not only is she the most popular character on the show, she’s one of the most beloved characters on TV. So, just like the Phoenix lore and in the comics, she will return. Here’s the big question, will she come back due to cloning or is there more going on with Eleven than we know? That leads us to the next section.