How we can use Dark Phoenix to predict the Stranger Things ending

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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3. More Cosmic entity than science

The Phoenix is a cosmic being. It’s power rivals beings as old as the galaxy. It travels through space destroying what it deems unworthy and then rebuilding it from scratch. The most recent example of rebirth is Hope Summers and Wanda Maximoff bringing back the mutant (Avengers vs X-Men). This happens after Cyclops was possessed by the Dark Phoenix and destroyed parts of the world. Left unchecked, who knows what the Phoenix would consider requires a restart. One planet may be a utopia, but not up to the Phoenix’s standards.

How does this connect to Stranger Things?

From what we can tell, Eleven’s powers come from experimentation. That’s what we’ve seen. We don’t know the actual source of her powers. We also have no clue what the Upside Down is and what the monsters in that realm are. For all we know, the Upside Down would have looked normal until they showed up. We don’t know if the creatures are from outer space. They’re alien to us, but the monster’s origin has yet to be revealed.

What we may think is science could be something more. Earthly science may have given Eleven her powers, but the source itself could actually be cosmic in origin. Don’t be shocked when this season ends and we find out that there’s a connection to extraterrestrials.