Lucifer season 5: When will the new season most likely premiere?

LUCIFER - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
LUCIFER - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

When is the most likely Lucifer season 5 release date on Netflix?

The list of Netflix new releases for June 2020 arrived recently, and Lucifer season 5, one of the most anticipated new seasons of a Netflix show yet, was not on the list.

Now that we know Lucifer season 5 won’t be coming to Netflix in June 2020, let’s try to predict the most likely possible release date for the upcoming (and highly anticipated) season.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak that made Netflix and all other networks and studios hit pause on various productions, Lucifans have been left waiting for any update they can get on Lucifer season 5. It should have premiered in early spring, or even June, but now no one, not even the showrunners, are sure, as of the end of April.

Recently, showrunner Ildy Modrovich teased the Lucifer season 5 release date will be announced soon! That doesn’t mean the season will be released “soon,” but we’ll get to know when it’s coming soon.

Of course, this is all particularly heartbreaking because we know how hard the cast and crew of Lucifer have been working pre-COVID-19 on the upcoming season. We soaked in all the teasers and images and counted down the days until spring! As disappointing as that may be, the safety of everyone involved is always the priority.

Rest assured, Lucifer season 5 is definitely on the way, but that’s as much as anyone knows! Let’s put our heads together and try to think of the most likely premiere date.

Lucifer season 5 release date prediction

Lucifer Morningstar won’t bless our Netflix screens in new episodes in June, but what about July? Maybe, but chances are looking pretty slim.

Once post-production resumes, it can take a few weeks to get everything ready. So, the new season may not premiere in early July or even mid-July. But, there’s a small chance we could see new episodes arrive in late July 2020!

Remember, the season is split into two parts, so we will only be seeing the first eight episodes whenever season 5 does premiere. There’s still more filming left to be done in the second half of the season, although we don’t know for sure how much or how little.

A better guess at the Lucifer season 5 release date is August! This is a more realistic timeframe for everything to happen that needs to happen. After all, you can’t rush good work!

This would allow everyone who needs to work on the new season to get back to work more comfortably and shoot for a debut date in early August.

Don’t be disappointed if nothing happens until September, though! But, I don’t see the season premiering any later than that. We’ll have to stay tuned!

When do you believe Lucifer season 5 will premiere on Netflix?

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