Lucifer season 5 is not coming to Netflix in June 2020

Lucifer season 5 won’t premiere on Netflix in June 2020

Were you hoping to binge-watch Lucifer season 5 early this summer? Sad news again, Lucifans! The wait is officially longer than anyone expected as the new episodes won’t arrive in June 2020. When is our best bet for the new season to arrive?

Early into the COVID-19 outbreak, Netflix hit pause on the production of all their content for the safety of everyone involved. The situation is improving, which means everything should resume as normal soon, but you can’t rush great work. Not to mention, safety is still the top priority.

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Still, who would have imagined that Lucifer season 5 would be on hold for this long? Post-production work still needs to be done, and it won’t resume for a couple of more weeks. With the process taking about five to six weeks total, new episodes of the hit Netflix series may not arrive until late in the summer.

When the delay happened, our first guess was that Lucifer season 5 would arrive early summer instead of the spring. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case. Netflix has released the full list of new shows and movies coming in June 20202 and Lucifer is nowhere there.

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The only update we have comes from co-showrunner Joe Henderson, but it’s from back in April 2020. Henderson shares that he doesn’t know when season 5 will drop on Netflix, but hopes to have an answer soon.

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We are keeping our fingers crossed for a July release date, early August at the latest, but let’s not hold our breath on it! When do you think Lucifer season 5 will premiere? We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

As we continue waiting, we take comfort in the fact that Netflix has all four seasons available for us to stream. Let’s enjoy our favorite episodes while we wait! Boosting the views may help improve Lucifer‘s chances of getting a season six renewal.

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