30 mind-blowing TV shows on Netflix

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29. Dead to Me

Sticking with shows that follow stories of brilliant and strong women, we present Dead to Me. This is one of the easiest and quickest binges on the list! Each episode is approximately 30-minutes long, and with a total of 10 episodes, it’s a fun and simple weekend-binge. But there are many other reasons to watch! In fact, you may feel disappointed to have watched it all so quickly, but it’s so addicting.

Dead to Me follows Jen (Christina Applegate) as she mourns her husband and joins a grief support group. While at one of the meetings, Jen meets Judy (Linda Cardellini) a woman who is also their trying to overcome a loss. Jen is reluctant to make friends, but Judy insists and the two bond over their tragedies, becoming close friends.

There is a major twist that is revealed early on in the series, one I’m sure you may be able to put together yourself just from the trailer (I sure did). Yet, don’t let that stop you from watching. Dead to Me is not about this big revelation, it instead keeps you around with other twists and dark situations.

The first season leaves viewers with many questions we are hoping season 2 answers. The upcoming season is still in the works, but is expected to premiere later this year. If you haven’t seen Dead to Me on Netflix yet, you are missing out! Applegate and Cardellini have incredible chemistry! Whether they have you reaching for the tissues or cheering them on, you’ll love watching these two together. Catch up on all the episodes so you are ready for season 2 when it arrives.