5 questions Dead to Me season 2 needs to answer

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Dead to Me is one of the most satisfying quick binges on Netflix and we can’t wait to check out season 2! Here’s a quick list of five questions season 2 needs to answer.

If you’re searching for a quick series you can breeze through on Netflix, look no further than Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. The first season of the dark comedy consists of 10 episodes, each running approximately 30 minutes. So you’re looking at five hours, a perfect weekend night watch!

Dead to Me follows Jen (Applegate) as she attends a grief support group after the sudden death of her husband, Ted. There, she meets Judy (Cardellini), and both women bond over their losses and become close friends.

Not everything is what it seems, though, as everyone has a secret they’re hiding. The tragicomedy is witty and sharp, with emotional and powerful performances. It didn’t take long for Netflix to renew Dead to Me for another season, and after that big cliffhanger, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

When will Dead to Me season 2 premiere? Fans are still waiting for the streaming service to announce an official debut date. In the meantime, we’ve put together a quick list of questions and events season 2 needs to address.

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Please note there are significant spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on the series! Watch Dead to Me season 1 first before reading ahead.

5. The hit-and-run

As far as the authorities are concerned, Ted’s hit-and-run is more than likely a closed case. They may not tell Jen this, but there isn’t a lot they can do about it with so little evidence. However, the final moments did feature a suspicious detective. Will she be able to gather enough evidence to make an arrest or at least question Judy?

Nick did try to get the detective to bring Judy in for questioning, despite the two being romantically involved for a short time. Did Nick’s pleading get through to Detective Perez (Diana Maria)? Speaking of which, what will happen to Nick?

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4. Nick

Nick (Brandon Scott) and Judy were truly connecting, it’s a shame this didn’t work out. Let’s face it though, it was never going to work. Nick is a detective and Judy a criminal (intentional or not). It makes no sense for Judy to have become involved with him, but here we find ourselves — and Judy really underestimated Nick.

Despite their short-lived romance, Nick’s job comes first and he is convinced Judy is the one who hit Ted. Towards the end of the series, though, he sort of just disappears. Will he return, this time, with hard evidence? Or will he leave town, deciding there’s just too much drama around Judy’s life?

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3. Forgiveness

It didn’t seem as if Jen would ever be able to forgive Judy for accidentally killing her husband, and hey we don’t blame her! But did she have a change of heart towards the end? Judy, does, after all, shoot Judy’s ex-boyfriend, killing him. We discuss Steve’s death in more detail, below!

Even if Jen is now convinced Judy was manipulated and emotionally abused by Steve, the road to forgiveness will be rough and bumpy.

2. Jail

Will Judy end up in jail in season 2? We really don’t want her to, but the odds are against her. Not only because of the evidence Nick dug up or Detective Perez is on her trail, but now there’s also Steve’s money laundering. Judy could very well end up being connected to any of the three.

1. Steve’s death

With Steve’s death serving as a cliffhanger for season 1, it’s highly likely this topic is what the upcoming second season of Dead to Me focuses on. Judy killed him — or so we believe! Did we actually see Judy shoot him?

She pulls out a gun, and the next thing we know Steve’s dead body is floating in the pool. Season 2 needs to show us the moments that lead up to this. It’s possible Steve fought Judy for the gun and it went off. There are also so many questions that come after, such as what will they do with the body?

All 10 episodes of Dead to Me season 1 are streaming on Netflix, stay tuned as we keep you posted on season 2 news! What are you most excited to see come season 2?

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