Stranger Things 3: 5 best Robin moments

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With the addition of so many new characters, Robin quickly became a fan favorite after season 3 of Stranger Things. Let’s take a look back at five of Robin’s best moments!

Stranger Things 3 premiered on July 4 but I can’t stop thinking about the season and all the new faces we got to meet. From the beloved Dr. Alexei (Alec Utgoff), to the corrupt Mayor Kline (Cary Elwes), and to Russian soldier Grigori (Andrey Ivchenko), we got to see a whole new dynamic between characters old and new in Hawkins.

Stranger Things 3 just further proves that the Duffer Brothers really know what they’re doing when they create characters. It would be easy to throw in many characters with limited roles, but the Duffer Brothers are able to get us to really care about these characters and get to know them personally. This can be hard to do with kids and younger characters, but these are the characters that make Stranger Things so great and nostalgic.

With that being said, I think one new addition to the Stranger gang stood out and she quickly became one of my favorite new characters in the show. We met Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke) at the beginning of the season when she playfully called her Scoops Ahoy co-worker Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) a “dingus”. Soon after that, we got a view of her personality and close friendship with Steve.

Most of my favorite moments from the whole season involved Robin and the Scoops Troop! Her interactions with Steve, Dustin, and Erica were some of the funniest parts of the show. She was even able to be a big part of figuring out about the Russian involvement in Hawkins  and it honestly makes me excited to see what she’ll do to help save the day in season 4.

Let’s take a look back at five of Robin’s best moments from Stranger Things 3!