Stranger Things 4 renewal should be coming later this month

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Fans waiting for the Stranger Things 4 renewal announcement should be getting some good news by the end of the month, if Netflix is up to their usual tricks.

Stranger Things fans around the world are waiting patiently to find out about the future of the Netflix original series after an incredible third season. Stranger Things 3 premiered on Netflix on July 4, and at the time of publishing, it’s been about six weeks since most fans watched the new season.

Although Netflix has not officially announced the renewal for Stranger Things 4, fans need not worry about this series. If there’s one show Netflix will never cancel, it’s Stranger Things. This show has an open renewal, basically, with the streaming network, and as long as the Duffer Brothers want to keep making episodes, I’m sure Netflix would oblige.

Netflix almost always announces renewals for their hit shows within two months of the previous season’s release date. For instance, Lucifer, one of the most popular shows on the streaming service right now, was renewed for season 5 exactly one month after the season 4 premiere on Netflix.

We’ve already passed that one month mark (Aug. 4) for the Stranger Things renewal, but the renewal should be announced by the end of August, and at the very latest Sept. 4. That’s typically how Netflix has done things in the past, and I’m expecting that to stay the same with this show and its renewal.

For a few years, we have been hearing rumors and rumblings about Stranger Things 4. Shawn Levy, executive producer, and the Duffer Brothers have made comments about season 4 even before season 3 launched on Netflix, so clearly, they have plans to make a fourth season. This was made even more clear with the end of Stranger Things 3, which seemed to set up more story for the fourth season.

There’s also a chance Stranger Things 4 will be the final season of the series. The Duffer Brothers told Vulture the show will end after season 4, and then Levy clarified those comments to Entertainment Weekly, and said that the show will probably end after season 5. So, the future, at that time, remained relatively uncertain. Now, more than a year after those comments, I’m sure they have a much more clear plan for the future of the show.

It’s already been reported that Stranger Things 4 is starting production later this fall. Netflix has not confirmed those reports, so things could change. It seems to fit in line with how previous seasons have been filmed. The first season of the series premiered on Netflix in July 2016, and production on the second season started later that fall.

We’ll be sure to let you know when Stranger Things is renewed for season 4! Stay tuned for more information and keep checking for that renewal news.

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