Stranger Things 3: 5 best Robin moments

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things 3
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Going through the air ducts

After the Scoops Troop found out about the mysterious Russian storeroom and top-secret shipments coming into the Starcourt Mall loading dock, they knew they needed some way to get there without getting caught. They saw Russian guards with guns and a locked door with keycard access only.

While Steve and Dustin were joking around and arguing about Steve’s idea to fight the Russian guards, Robin noticed the air ducts in the back room of Scoops Ahoy and quickly jumped into action, grabbing some cash and heading out. She later returned with complete blueprints to Starcourt Mall, including air duct routes, claiming it’s “fascinating what 20 bucks will get you at the County Recorder’s Office”.

After explaining to Steve and Dustin that there were more ways to get there than just through doors, she outlined the path they’d need to take to get there through the ducts, and that’s when they all realized that air ducts were the way to go.

After a few minutes of Steve trying to push Dustin into the ducts, it as clear that they’d need to enlist some help despite Steve’s claim that Dustin could bend like “Gumbo”. As the pair continued struggling, Lucas’ little sister Erica was once again at the counter ready for some free samples.

Robin looked over at Erica and her friends and we saw an idea form in her head. Later, Erica reluctantly joined the operation with a USS Butterscotch and a promise for “free ice cream for life”. She ended up fitting through the ducts just fine, gaining the newly formed Scoops Troop access to the storeroom.

Without Robin’s idea to go through the ducts, who knows what would’ve happened! There was no way they would’ve been able to get past those huge Russian guards with guns and high security. Thanks to Robin’s quick wit and unique ideas, the group was able to start their mission to figure out what was really happening at Starcourt Mall.